Airline Selling Flights From UK To New York For £99


A budget airline is selling flights from London to New York for an incredible £99 but you will have to be quick.

To celebrate a new service, Wow Air, an Icelandic based airline set up in 2011, is now selling the cheap one-way tickets from London Stansted to JFK International airport in New York.

With prices as low as £99 ($130), the flights cost less than the taxes with the airline saying that they are ‘essentially paying for passengers to fly’.

Now flying to and from JFK airport in New York 🗽🇺🇸The world is waiting to WOW you! ✈️

Posted by WOW air on Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Because the UK has the highest taxes in the world when it comes to airfares, the airline has ensured that their flights are affordable for all Britons who fancy a trip to the Big Apple.

Under the Wow Basic package, the flight works out to be an amazing £24 cheaper than the tax alone.

If you fancy a slice of the action, you’ll have to be quick as the fares on are sale from today and are expected to sell out soon.


Unfortunately the new route does take you to New York via Reykjavik so it’ll be a longer journey, but on the bright side at least you can enjoy the beautiful sights Iceland has to offer, albeit briefly, as well as America.

The bargain flights are available throughout April and May next year so you have plenty of time to book your holiday.

The airline previously operated in America but never New York and will now serve JFK International.

Wow Air

Earlier this year Wow announced the airline will also serve Detroit, Cleveland, St. Louis and Cincinnati from April 2018 with these flights also being some of the cheapest on the market.

As reported by Business Insider, Skuli Mogensen, the airline’s founder and CEO, said in a statement:

Wow Air’s goal is to enable everybody to fly by offering the lowest fares on the market.

I am very proud that by offering $69.99 USD fares we are enabling thousands of people to travel that otherwise could not afford it.

Wow Air/Facebook

Of course with such low prices you can’t expect to have the most luxurious of flights, so don’t board expecting any extra comforts.

The airline is rather open about its no frills flights though and believes that one day their flights may even be free as the industry to heading towards a future where the cost of airfare will not be the primary means of income.

Mogensen said:

You have to be up-front with your customers. This way you won’t have problems with expectations.

They will know ahead of time there is no free food, water, [in-flight entertainment], or Wi-Fi.

That’s why we tell them to bring their own food, water, and download a movie on your iPad or laptop ahead of the flight.

It doesn’t cost money to smile.

Wow Air/Facebook

To find out more about Wow Air’s £99 flights, visit their website.

You’ll have to hurry though if you fancy booking as only a few seats are now remaining.