All The Ways Men Can Make Women Feel Safer On The Streets

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 19 Mar 2021 18:02
All The Ways Men Can Make Women Feel Safer On The StreetsPA Images

In the wake of Sarah Everard’s death, women have been protesting that they should feel safer while on the streets.

Sarah was reported missing on March 4 after failing to return home the night before on the way home from visiting a friend.


A police officer has since been arrested and charged with the late 33-year-old‘s kidnap and murder after her body was discovered in a woodland in Kent last week.


Following her tragic death, other women have been recalling their own experiences of sexual harassment and have called on men to become more responsible for the way they act towards women.

With this in mind, M&C Saatchi London created the Good Guy’s Guide in partnership with Solace Women’s Aid and Token Man, which gives tips for men on how to make women feel safe.


Introducing the guide, the guide’s website reads:

YOU ARE A GOOD GUY. But the woman walking alone on the street doesn’t know that. So, we created a set of simple actions you can take to help her feel safer. A lot needs to be done before women are safe on the streets. But you can do these things right now.

It then details seven ways in which men can play their part; number one being to not approach a women because this interaction can be seen as intimidating, even if you are just asking for a light or directions.


Secondly, they say to not walk behind women as it can make them feel like they’re being followed. Linking to this, the third tip is to cross the street to make it obvious that you’re not following them and gives a women lots of room.

Number four says to avoid having your hood up and hands in pockets as making your face visible stops people from thinking you’re trying to hide something.

The fifth tip is to not run too close to a woman and to shout ‘left’ or ‘right’ when running up behind a woman so you don’t surprise her, and because it’s just running etiquette really. With gyms closing their doors during lockdown, running has been on the increase so this piece of advice is paramount right now.


Tip number six is to talk on your phone so she knows you’re doing your own thing. This also helps a woman hear where you are and helps them feel more in control.

Lastly, the guide says to educate their mates on these tips because ‘they are good guys too’ and presumably want to make the streets safer as well.

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