Amazon Delivery Driver Filmed Having A Poo On Customer’s Drive

Fox 40/Nemy Bautista

A disgruntled customer took to Facebook to complain to Amazon for the disgusting behaviour of one of their drivers.

The customer captured footage of one of Amazon’s drivers taking a rather impromptu toilet break after they dropped off a package at the property in Sacramento in California.

Nemy Bautista’s home surveillance equipment caught the special delivery on tape, though Nemy found the poo on her driveway on Thursday.

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They wrote to Amazon on Facebook:

Why is your driver squatting in-front of my house? Let me give you a hint … he/she is not tying their shoes. I have it on video!

When Nemy arrived home, he thought he’d check his CCTV to find a dog or other animal relieving themselves on the path, but instead saw a delivery driver delivering the unwanted package.

Nemy said they was shocked by what they saw and immediately filed a complaint.

Fox 40/Nemy Bautista

Nemy told Fox 40:

This is a third-party provider – anyone can be a driver. It’s a lack of professionalism. It’s very strange…

To put salt on the wound, we had another driver the next day that tossed to package. He tossed it instead of walking up the driveway.

It was a fragile porcelain figurine. It didn’t break break…

I have lived in this home 17 years and I have never had back-to-back incidents [like these]. I am disappointed in how it was handled.

Fox 40

Apparently the incident happened at around 3pm on Tuesday, and a representative came to his home at around 8.30 that evening.

Amazon said the driver has been ‘taken care of’, though it isn’t clear quite what this means.

Neighbour Raiza said:

It’s definitely disturbing if you think about kids on the street and stuff. Everyone’s got kids.

Nemy said the real concern was the customers who came after Nemy’s delivery, presumably due to the sanitary worries of handling people’s packages after doing that on the driveway.