American Girl’s Half-Arsed Twitter Rant About Britain Pisses Off Entire Nation


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An American teenager decided to pick a fight with the whole of Britain in a bizarre Twitter rant, questioning our way of life.

In a stream of ridiculous tweets, 16-year-old Madi, questioned everything we do, from our pale complexions, to spelling, to scones.


Posting from her @touradidas Twitter handle, the high school student soon realised that she’d fucked up in a big way as she was bombarded with angry responses.

Her account has now been made private, probably for the best. But don’t worry, we’ve managed to get hold of some screen grabs of her insane observations on the British way of life.

She began her Twitter rant on Monday evening, writing:


First she took a dig at us for our cheese. Yes, really.


Madi then tried to give us a lesson in spelling, because the American way is always the right way, obviously.


And she had very strong views on pretty much everything British.


It’s all obviously a load of bullshit, but she certainly doesn’t lack confidence in her opinions.


And she just wouldn’t stop.


Well that was until the British public cottoned on her to insults and Madi’s mentions quickly filled up with thousands of tweets.

That’s when she eventually decided to turn off her notifications and finally make her account completely private. But not after these parting shots.


Her memory lived on though, as the British public had just as many weird things to say about Americans as well. In response, someone started the hashtag #WeirdThingsAmericanPeopleDo.

Oh guys, can’t we just all get along?