American Woman Won’t Date British Men Because They’re Short And Out Of Shape

by : Lucy Connolly on : 17 May 2019 17:45
Jenny JacobsJenny Jacobs/Total Health/Facebook

An American woman has claimed she was put off dating British men because most of them are short and out of shape.

Jenny Jacobs, 37, from Cincinnati promised never to date another Brit again after a disastrous trip to London six years ago – where she said men were ‘ignorant’ and drank too much.


The 37-year-old personal trainer also thinks most British men have bad teeth, making the bold claim that they are the ‘ugliest’ men on dating apps, alongside Russian men.

Jenny JacobsJenny Jacobs/Total Health/Facebook

In an interview with The Sun, Jenny explained that she hasn’t always avoided dating British men and even chatted to a few of them on dating websites like Beautiful People.

However, she soon realised she just wasn’t physically attracted to the Brits, who she describes as the ugliest men on the app. Yikes, don’t hold back Jenny.


The mum-of-two said:

My main issues with British guys are height, teeth and fitness. I didn’t even look at a lot of their bios because I wasn’t physically attracted to them.

From my five years on Beautiful People, I’d say Brits are up there with Russian men as the ugliest men on the app.

Height wise, I like really tall guys. A lot of Brits I saw on Beautiful People were really short or my height, I’m 5ft 9ins.

Jenny JacobsJenny Jacobs/Total Health/Facebook

Jenny went on to explain that smoking and drinking are a big ‘no’ for her, yet British men seem to do both of those things in abundance.


The personal trainer explained:

Smoking is another big one. I’m allergic to smoke and that’s disgusting to me. As soon as I see someone light up it’s like ‘no’.

Also I’m a fitness nut. I work out all the time and I stopped drinking when I was 21. Alcohol is a big thing in England. There’s a lot of pubs, a lot of drinking. If you get wasted every day, or you get drunk every day, maybe you’re a functioning alcoholic, it’s a little much.

I noticed a lot of the Brits I was talking to were drinking every single day. So as a health person, I was like ‘hello, excessive!’ It seemed like they just liked to go to pubs and hang out with their friends.

Wow, a functioning alcoholic? Does anyone else feel personally attacked or is it just me?

Jenny JacobsJenny Jacobs/Total Health/Facebook

Luckily for Jenny, she’s now married to a 29-year-old American (obvs) man with ‘perfect teeth’, an ‘athletic’ frame and ‘crystal blue eyes’. He’s also 6ft 4in tall and the couple have two children together.

So she’ll never have to date British men again!

The rest of us, on the other hand…

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