Angry Boyfriend Punches Stranger For Staring At Girlfriend’s Bum

man punches creepy guyNewsflare

A couple’s shopping trip turned to violence after the woman’s boyfriend caught another man staring at her bottom.

The brazen man was casually leaning on the shop’s counter, staring at the woman and being all kinds of creepy about it.

The CCTV footage was filmed in a shop in Lincolnton, North Carolina. The couple were at the counter talking with the store clerk when the boyfriend noticed another man was gawping at his partner.

Without any hesitation, the boyfriend confronts the odious onlooker and promptly delivers a left hook to the man’s face.

Check it out:

After being caught red-handed, the man in the red shirt gives the boyfriend a weird smile and said ‘yeah’. The casual nature of it all makes it seems almost as if he wanted to be noticed.

The boyfriend, however, isn’t taking any of it, and clocks him square in the face.

The lady is visibly embarrassed and asks her partner to apologise. Instead, however, he follows the man out of the building, probably to make sure the creep isn’t coming back.

The girlfriend can then be heard asking the store worker to not call the police on her over-protective boyfriend.

man punches creepy guyNewsflare

Apparently, this kind of behaviour – both the staring guy and the punch – did not shock the staff of the cell phone store, who decided to get a CCTV camera after a spate of break-ins and daylight robberies.

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