Angry Drivers To Be Handed £1,000 Fines


Are you somebody who finds themselves angry on the road, incapable of remaining calm at the slightest display of arrogance in the form of other drivers? Then you should probably wind your neck in.

New fines of £1,000 will be dished out to road-ragers of all stripes, from everything to GTA joyriding, to ‘rude hand gestures.’

Yep, the simple satisfying act of flipping someone off at the traffic lights could see you on the receiving end of a pretty brutal penalty.

Fancy cruising around the streets with just the one hand in a bid to impress all the babes? Think again, wiseguy. ‘Not being in full control of a vehicle’ will also get yourself seen to by the long arm of the law.

BBC presenter Jeremy Vine said earlier this week he’d witnessed over 40 motoring offences on his daily commute when questioned by the London Assembly Transport Committee.

Opting to commute via bike, Vine, 52, claimed he was shouted at and told he’d get ‘knocked out’ during a road rage incident in west London in 2016.


He said at the time, reported by the Express and Star:

Seven years ago when I started, my very first thought was, we don’t need to change the layout of the roads, we need to change the mind of the driver.

I went along in quite a happy-clappy way, thinking as long as I give the drivers a bit of love and understanding, gradually we’ll all learn to share the roads.

Sadly, I’ve come to the conclusion that we’ll never completely reduce, eliminate the number of really angry, dangerous drivers and therefore, sadly, the answer is layout.


Shanique Syrena Pearson landed a nine-month jail term after being convicted of several offences.

They included threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour.

Vine also said another driver was fined a whopping £3,000 after knocking him off his bike.