Girl Gets Hilarious Revenge On Jealous Stalker Ex Boyfriend

tiffany badlandFacebook

Jealousy, one unattractive consequence of a break up, can make people do strange things, from throwing around false accusations to spying.

But taking no prisoners from the creepy ex boyfriend camp is Tiffany Badland, an 18-year-old mum-of-one from Warwickshire.

When she received drunken messages from her ex accusing her of inviting another man around to her house – which, despite Tiffany’s single status, was in his opinion a crime worthy of creeping – she decided to ‘play him at his own game.’

tiffany badland prankFacebook/Tiffany Badland

Predicting the the ex would be driven mad with jealousy and would rush to her house to confront her, Tiffany and her friend built men from pillows and propped them up on the sofa.

Tiffany said:

My door has glass built into it so they could see through but not properly. I’ve experienced my ex coming into my garden in the past, knocking on the door, checking to see who I have at my house.

When the jilted ex realised Tiffany had ‘company’ he started yelling and banging on the window.

Tiffany added:

We were laughing so much that we were crying – which wound them up even further because they thought we were laughing at them, when in reality we weren’t.

Tiffany later posted the photos to Facebook, planning to share them with family and friends to teach the two creeps a lesson, but she was surprised to receive thousands of likes.

Fed up of her ex’s accusations, Tiffany pulled the prank to make the man see the injustices of his actions and anger.

Now the posts have gone viral – and been deleted by Tiffany – we hope the ex will see the error of his ways.

Maybe spying exes can learn a serious life lesson from this prank: Don’t be a creep or you’ll go viral and, mark my words, it’ll be hella embarrassing.