Anti-Mask TikToker Admits She Only Started Taking Covid Seriously After Three Family Members Died

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 10 Dec 2020 11:25
Anti-Mask TikToker Admits She Only Started Taking Covid Seriously After Three Family Members Diedjadawoods1/TikTok

Anti-mask TikToker Jada Woods has started wearing face masks after losing three family members to coronavirus.

Jada, from Alabama, US, had previously used the platform to express her thoughts on wearing a mask and how, in her opinion, they weren’t necessary.


However, after the young woman lost three members of her family to the virus, she made a U-turn on her views and since deleted all the anti-mask and COVID-related content on her page.

She was also a vocal Trump supporter and encouraged her 62,000 TikTok followers to vote for him, but all Trump-related content appears to have been deleted from her page as well.


In one of the previous videos, Jada talks to the camera and says, ‘Is it just me, or are masks actually not required? It’s just the sign that says, ‘Masks are required.’ For government reasons I guess, I don’t know.’


She continues:

But lately, I forget my mask and I go up to a store and it says ‘Masks required’ and I’m like, crap. I’m just gonna go in anyway and see if they let me in. [I] never have anything said to me, so now I just don’t wear it. Nobody says anything!

Later, in another video, you see a teary-eyed Jada tell her TikTok followers that she was on her way to her uncle’s funeral and explains the following day she would be attending her ‘papa’s funeral’, who she says was fishing with her dad just a couple of weeks before he died.

The 26-year-old further explains that her aunt, who was suffering from the virus, was on a ventilator. Jada later uploaded a video informing people that her aunt also died.


The TikToker received a lot of backlash for her blasé actions in regards to the virus. As per the Daily Dot, one person had commented, ‘I feel like a bad person, but I’m not finding a lot of empathy in my heart for her. Who knows how many people she murdered with her flippancy before it started affecting her personally? So selfish.’

Jada later shared a video ‘for all the haters’ where she could be seen putting on a sequined facemask before going into Starbucks.

Daily Dot reached out for a comment from Jada, where she said she never claimed to refuse to wearing a mask. She then deleted all the COVID videos from her account.


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