Antique Buckfast Bottle Sells For £10,000 But Buyer Was Drunk And Can’t Afford It

by : Tim Horner on : 19 Jan 2019 16:52
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Hands up anyone who hasn’t made a rash purchase after being a little tipsy.


I see no hands. Excellent. Good crowd here this afternoon. You’ll like this one.

A miniature bottle of Buckfast – the caffeinated fortified wine that’s really popular north of Hadrian’s Wall – went for £10,000 in an online auction on Thursday (January 17), and was won by one lucky punter in West Lothian.

Put up for sale last Sunday (January 13), after Jonathan Porter, from Glasgow, made the discovery during a family clear out, the bottle dates back more than 80 years, predating World War II, the Evening Times reports.


Enter Tam Wilson, the lucky lad form West Lothian, who fortunately is a tonic wine connoisseur. On Thursday night, he posted to Facebook revealing he was willing to pay as much as £20,000 for the bottle.

Now, the legitimacy of the auction has been called into question after a friend of Tam’s started a crowd fund, which revealed he doesn’t have the money to pay for the Bucky, and that he was a little inebriated when making the purchase.

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Hammy Harris’ JustGiving page – which at the time of writing has no pledges towards its target (because it’s not active yet) states:

The silly bastard mate of mine has only won this bottle for £10K.

Absolute hilarious situation, but not for the seller, nor is it hilarious for Tam, as the Buckfast he was under the influence of at the time of bidding, has well and truly worn off!

He’s Buckfast Wine‘s number one fan! Let‘s pull together, as sesh-heads do, and get him this bottle and fulfil his life.

Thanks in advance

If Tam can’t make the £10,000 he bid, there’s a chance Mr Porter, the seller, could be liable for a £250 fee.

Let’s hope Tam gets the funds together and takes a bit more care next time he does any online shopping.


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    Antique bottle of Buckfast sells on eBay for more than £10K - but buyer was drunk and can't afford it