Artist Receives Major Backlash For His ‘Completely Stupid’ Mount Trumpmore Sculpture

by : Julia Banim on : 04 Aug 2021 19:17
Artist Receives Major Backlash For His 'Completely Stupid' Mount Trumpmore SculptureNTD News

An artist from Texas has been widely ridiculed after revealing his ‘completely’ stupid clay sculptures of ‘Mount Trumpmore’.

Trace Guthrie, who has worked as a sculptor for over 50 years, drew inspiration for his new artwork while contemplating a photograph of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial.


Carved into the face of Mount Rushmore, in the Black Hills of Keystone, South Dakota, this 60-foot monument pays tribute to presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, bearing their likenesses in rock form.

You can find out more from Guthrie in the following clip, with the sculptor revealing his inspiration at the 6.22 mark:

It’s one of the most recognisable monuments in the world, as well as an important piece of American history. However, Guthrie apparently felt it could be improved upon.


Speaking with NTD News, Guthrie explained how he had noticed a space between Lincoln and Roosevelt, a space he believed could be filled with someone who ‘history will eventually be kind to’.

Although Guthrie admitted he wasn’t too keen on Trump at the beginning of his controversial presidency, admitting the business mogul ‘scared’ him, he soon got on board with his policies and was impressed by the sort of people he was bringing into office.

Guthrie also admired the way Trump ‘snapped back’, explaining:

I always used to say, ‘I wish they would say such and such’, he does!


Now a fan of Trump, Guthrie makes miniature $250 clay sculptures of Mount Rushmore, with the addition of Trump’s face.

Speaking admirably of Trump during the interview, Guthrie said:

The guy is, they say, a billionaire, but he’s got a blue collar on him. He actually gets out there with those construction people building his buildings, and he knows them.


Guthrie also revealed that a former student had contacted him about the sculptures, criticising him for supporting a president who had repeatedly failed to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously, resulting in a devastatingly high death rate and widespread misinformation.

Guthrie has dismissed the student’s concerns as ‘Marxism’, arguing that ‘they want to pull us into a world government’.


Many people have since poked fun at Guthrie’s ‘completely stupid’ sculptures, not least because there actually isn’t enough of a gap between Lincoln and Roosevelt to add another presidential face.

People have particularly taken issue with Guthrie’s understanding of Trump as being both a billionaire and a ‘blue collar’ man of the people. In actual fact, Trump, who inherited his wealth from his father, is not a billionaire and is also known to have treated construction workers badly in the past.

As one person wrote:

He actually refused to pay contractors for their work, after changing his mind on interior design, after it was finished. This guy didn’t do his homework, nobody will work for Trump because of this. Now he sells his name to projects and collects royalties. He never worked for anyone.

Another commented:

A. He’s not blue collar. B. He’s not a billionaire. C. He doesn’t get out there with the construction crew, he disdains them just like he hates you Mr. Sculptor.

Guthrie has claimed his wife attempted to boost sales on Facebook, but the platform wouldn’t allow it. However, despite the backlash, the artist remains optimistic, stating that although he has indeed made a ‘couple of enemies’, he’s also made ‘a lot of friends’.

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