Artist Recreates Superheroes Using Body Paints And They’re Incredible


An artist is recreating her favourite superheroes – on actual people – and the results are breathtakingly good. 

Lianne Moseley uses human canvases to create real-life, three dimensional heroes (and villains) from pop culture, reports Mashable.

Lianne says it was fellow Instagram users who inspired her to try body painting but her desire to paint superheroes came from her brother.

She told Mashable:

I grew up idolising my older brother. Everything he was into, I was into. I grew up watching the X-men animated series, Batman cartoons, Tim Burton movies, Power Rangers, the works!

As a 80s baby and a 90s kid, these were all the characters I fantasised about.

She has managed to streamline the painting process since she first started and has developed faster ways to get the work done while keeping the standard high.

She said:

Painting is my way of being able to become my favourite characters, and transform others, while keeping a big part of my childhood alive

When I first started out all of my work was hand painted – often still is – and it would take me anywhere from 5-10 hours to finish painting [a quarter of someone’s body].

Now I take a similar amount of time to paint a full body. When I am doing a creative look it can take anywhere from 2-8 hours.

Lianne also takes her talents to venues beyond Instagram – she does live painting demonstrations at various conventions and has also offered her body painting skills to print work and television.

She has also started live streaming her painting sessions on Twitch, where she answers questions and creates brand new masterpieces.

A photo posted by Lianne Moseley (@lustredust) on

A photo posted by Lianne Moseley (@lustredust) on

A photo posted by Lianne Moseley (@lustredust) on

Massive respect to Lianne, she is obviously incredibly talented and her work is actually mind-blowing.