Artist With 3 Million Followers Is Still Getting Banned From The Internet For Dark Cartoons

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Artist With 3 Million Followers Is Still Getting Banned From The Internet For Dark Cartoons@sirjoancornella/Instagram

An artist keeps getting banned from social media sites due to his dark-natured artwork, despite having more than three million followers and a legion of fans. 

Joan Cornellà may have graduated in fine arts, but it appears the internet has quite a different view of his colourful cartoon artworks, which offer satirical takes on the modern world as we know it.


Cornellà has since taken to Instagram and Twitter after both platforms banned some of his cartoons, calling the platforms out for their censorship of what is really just dark humour.

In 2017, London hosted a solo exhibition of Cornellà’s work. The event was a success, which the artist told UNILAD was because he felt his ‘work fits easily here because irony or politically incorrect have greater acceptance than elsewhere’. ‘Traditionally British satire has enjoyed good health and black humour seems commonplace here,’ he said.

However, it appears that the likes of social media platforms Twitter and Instagram do not see Cornellà’s satire in the same light. The artist has since taken to the sites to expose their banning of his work.


In a post on Instagram, Cornellà outed Facebook for blocking him being able to ‘post or comment for 3 days’, sharing a screenshot of the work they found so offensive. Facebook listed that the piece ‘didn’t follow our Community Standards’ and so the artist would not be able to ‘go live or advertise for 60 days’.

Cornellà joked in his caption: ‘Facebook algorithms at their best.’

The post has amassed more than 164,000 likes and thousands of comments, with other Instagram users taking to the screenshot to express their outrage. One said: ‘Social media is the worst sh*t and it works as mind control!’


Another commented: 

This is b*llsh*t! The amount of nei-nazi and Anti-Vaxx misinformation I’ve reported and then been told it doesn’t go against IG guidelines!!! F*cking ridiculous!


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A third wrote: ‘The irony is stinky.’

The artist also took to Twitter to reveal that Instagram too had banned a piece of his artwork from being displayed on its site. He wrote: ‘Instagram also banned this one’.


Social media platforms may not agree with Cornellà’s art because of the uncomfortable questions it raises about death, police brutality, child and sex abuse, among many other dark themes, however, Cornellà notes that his art makes important reflections about the world around us.

He told UNILAD how ‘violence is inherent to the human being’ and that social media may often censor his work, but ‘it is something like what religious institutions do, so we could say that Zuckerberg pretends to be something like the cyber pope’.

Despite Facebook and Instagram’s outrage at Cornellà’s brutal and dark honesty, the artist continues to utilise his platforms (when not banned) and has a hefty 3.2 million followers on Instagram and more than half a million followers on Twitter to keep sharing to.


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  1. @sirjoancornella/ Instagram

    Facebook algorithms at their best

  2. @sirjoancornella/ Twitter

    Instagram also banned this one