Asda Wades Into Offensive Casting Ad Debacle In Perfect Fashion


Last month Morrisons managed to offend an entire city with an incredibly offensive casting call for an upcoming commercial.

The store denied any involvement, but a casting agency placed an advert stating they wanted working class people, but not like those off Channel 4’s Benefits Street, and nobody from Liverpool would be considered.

Now rival supermarket chain Asda has struck back in epic troll fashion, placing an advert of their own where there is but one requirement – you must be a scouser.


The Walmart owned chain say they are looking for a presenter for their in-store radio, posting the following on their website:

At Asda FM we want to celebrate scousers everywhere.

We’re on the hunt for the next Asda FM presenter and there’s only one requirement … they have to be scouse!

See full casting call details below and tune into Asda FM between 11am and 3pm over the next few days to audition.

This will be the first of many opportunities to break into presenting with Asda FM. We will be scouring the length of breadth of the country giving many different regions and accents a chance at radio fame.

As reported by Mashable, it is suspected ‘Scouser FM’ was an April fools gag from Asda having been posted on April first, and containing very few details.

Morrisons have not replied as yet, but, unless they are firmly committed to PR suicide, it is unlikely they will want to draw further attention to the matter.

In the supermarket game their is no love lost between rivals, and Asda clearly give zero fucks about kicking opponents while they are down.