Astonishing Video Shows Two Bees Opening A Bottle Of Fanta

by : Hannah Smith on : 11 Aug 2021 11:08
Astonishing Video Shows Two Bees Opening A Bottle Of FantaViralHog

They say teamwork makes the dream work, and that was definitely the case for a pair of honey bees who have gone viral after managing to unscrew the lid off a Fanta bottle.

In a video recorded in São Paulo, Brazil, the pair of bees can be seen working together towards the shared goal of getting a sugar fix, much to the astonishment of the woman whose Fanta they were plotting to steal.


Who knows how the bees managed to figure out the physics behind a screw-top bottle, but their plan works to perfection, with the pair positioning themselves on opposite sides of the bottle lid and working to successfully twist it up and push it over the top of the bottle.

Honeybees (PA Images)PA Images

‘The bees teamed up to steal my soda,’ the woman filming the video explains to the camera as she watches the bees execute their plan, adding ‘and they will do it’.

It’s pretty impressive work from the bees, but according to experts, we should hardly be surprised. Bees are reportedly notoriously good problem solvers, and much like humans are able to learn how to carry out new tasks by observing other bees.


Check it out:


A 2016 study showed this practice in action, by seeing how bees taught others in their colony to access nectar by pulling on strings. According to the study, which was conducted by a team at Queen Mary, University of London, and reported on by National Geographic, the knowledge was able to pass from bee to bee through the colony, even after the first bee to have learned the technique died.

So who knows, before long there could be a whole army of bottle-opening bees terrorising picnics around the world.


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