Auckland Couple Find Out They’re Both Pregnant Within Two Weeks From Same Sperm Donor

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 07 May 2020 17:01
Couple Find Out They're Both Pregnant Within Two Weeks From Same Sperm DonorTaryn Cumming/Facebook

A New Zealand couple have found out they’re both miraculously pregnant at the same time from the same sperm donor.

The same-sex couple from Auckland decided they wanted to have a child together so both actively started trying to conceive.


But little did Kat Buchanan and Taryn Cumming know that they would end up with two babies on the way after both falling pregnant at the same time.

Making it even sweeter, the two babies will be biologically related after both coming from the same sperm donor.

KatKat Buchanan/Facebook

Both Kat, 33, and Taryn, 31 – who have been together for two years – were warned by their doctor that they had a low fertility and therefore needed to start trying for a baby as soon as possible.


However, the couple were faced with a two year waiting list for a sperm donor at their fertility clinic, so decided to take matters into their own hands and find a donor via Facebook.

On their YouTube channel, Kat and Taryn explained how they were both trying to fall pregnant but once one of them did, the other would stop trying to conceive.

YouTube2 Bumps Same Love/YouTube

Speaking in the video, Taryn explained:


I went first and I went in February; that was basically just a trial run for us. How to use the [insemination] tools and what tools to use. […] I was basically like the guinea-pig, and that didn’t take.

Two weeks after I tried, Kat went and she had her insemination and everything went well. She had two inseminations during that cycle. Two weeks later I tried and we found out Kat was pregnant.

A week later to the day, we found out I was pregnant. We didn’t really have time to stop and have the one pregnancy.

The pair go on to say how their doctor said they were more likely to win the lottery than to both fall pregnant at the same time. Kat added that ‘it’s pretty much a miracle’.

TarynTaryn Cumming/Facebook

Taryn is hoping that she and Kat will give birth within a couple days of one another so that their babies can share the same sleeping routine.


However, they don’t want their labours to be too close together because they both want to be there to support each other through it.

We wish them both a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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