Australian Mum’s ‘World’s Dirtiest Car’ Took Seven Hours To Clean

by : Cameron Frew on : 13 Feb 2020 10:22
Australia's Filthiest CarAustralia's Filthiest CarProline Automotive/Facebook

There’s having a filthy car, then there’s driving a pigsty – for this mum, she was called out online for the latter. 


It’s one of the easiest bits of car-keeping to let slip. As you drive around day in, day out, things pile up – crisp packets, bottles and cans, McDonald’s brown bags. You also probably won’t realise it getting dirtier and dirtier either, oblivious to your own muck.

However, one vehicle in Australia has taken the cake for manky cars – to the point the cleaning company shared an image of its interior, chock-full of ‘sticky substances, deep stains and unpleasant odours’.

The female owner of the car, who has been kept anonymous, handed her Mazda vehicle into Proline Automotive in Springwood, New South Wales, and asked for the ‘carnage’ to be reversed.


The car’s back seats were smothered in dirt, lollipop sticks, gum wrappers and biscuit bits. Sharing images of the mess on its Facebook page, Proline Automotive wrote: ‘Usually we like to only share after photos but this one was too funky not to share.’

Australia's Filthiest Car 2Australia's Filthiest Car 2Proline Automotive/Facebook

To restore the car to its former glory, the team spent ‘seven hours thoroughly detailing this interior, giving it a second chance at life’, shampooing and washing away the stains and dirt to the best of their ability.

The post added: 

Unfortunately the remaining marks on the seats were caused by baby seats and are irreversible. We always recommend to people who have just purchased a new vehicle to place a towel under baby seats to avoid this type of damage.

Australia's Filthiest Car 4Australia's Filthiest Car 4Proline Automotive/Facebook

There’s a difference between a little bit of dirt and a whole car caked in it. After uploading the post, it attracted the ire of cleaner car owners, with several branding the ride ‘disgusting’.

One car owner wrote: ‘I know we shouldn’t judge but I’m certainly glad I was never offered a lift in this car. It is beyond my comprehension how anyone could let it get that bad and then continue to drive it.’

Australia's Filthiest Car 5Australia's Filthiest Car 5Proline Automotive/Facebook

Another person wrote: ‘No offence but that really is disgusting… absolutely horrible how some people treat their car,’ with a third adding: ‘I’d hate to see their house if this is the car.’

From time to time, take the hoover out to the car and grab a bin bag – easy peasy. Or, drive in squalor – whatever suits.

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Proline Automotive/Facebook
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