Austrian Tattoo Artist Who Spent £52,000 To Become Art Calls Out Guys’ Reaction To ‘Extreme Look’

by : Emily Brown on : 13 Apr 2020 13:44
Austrian Tattoo Artist Who Spent £52,000 To Become Art Calls Out Guys' Reaction To 'Extreme Look'Media Drum World / @kittyink.wildatheart

A tattoo artist who spent £52,000 to transform herself into a ‘piece of art’ has called out men for reacting differently to her ‘extreme look’ depending on whether they’re with their friends or their partner. 

The 46-year-old artist, who goes by the name Kitty Ink, became interested in all things extreme, ‘unnatural’ and ‘wild’ from a young age, and set out to create a unique look for herself that would make her stand out from the crowd.


Kitty, from Vienna, Austria, began transforming her body when she was 36, and in the past decade has spent £52,000 (€60,000) on two breast augmentations, liposuction, radio frequency therapy, a face lift, filler and Botox in an effort to make the person she saw in her head become the person she saw in the mirror.

Kitty before undergoing £52,000 transformationMedia Drum World / @kittyink.wildatheart

She now has size 75H breasts thanks to 1050cc implants – the biggest silicone implants available in Europe.

Speaking about her transformation, Kitty said:


I have always been fascinated by anything special. If people said, ‘that’s too much,’ or ‘that’s not natural,’ it caught my interest instantly. If it is too much for you, then it’s something for me.

A certain state of financial independence helps a lot when you want to stand out from the crowd with an extreme look.

I’ve had two breast augmentations. I’ve done various liposuctions in my legs, tummy, hips and chin. I’ve also done radio frequency therapies on my armpits and belly.

I have done a small face lift and uncountable amounts of filler and Botox for my lips, cheeks, chin and forehead. For me, that’s just maintenance.

Kitty after undergoing £52,000 transformationMedia Drum World / @kittyink.wildatheart

As well as undergoing surgery, Kitty has spent at least 100 hours of her life getting numerous ‘extraordinary, realistic tattoos’.

Despite the amount of money she’s already spent on her modifications, she admitted there’s ‘no end in sight’.


She added:

I feel happy about every change I’ve been through – no matter if it was just a small change in style or make-up or whether it was getting new tattoos or plastic surgery.

I see myself as a piece of art in a constant wave of evolution. I enjoy the results of every procedure to get one step further on my way to achieve timeless synthetic beauty and artificiality.

Kitty after undergoing £52,000 transformationMedia Drum World / @kittyink.wildatheart

Kitty gets a range of responses to her look, with some praising her transformation while others have dubbed her ‘bimbo’ or ‘trophy’, though these terms don’t bother her as she pointed out ‘many of [her] personal idols would call themselves as much.’


The tattoo artist said she ‘doesn’t care’ what people think of her, though she has criticised men for responding differently depending on who can hear them.

She commented:

I do get different reactions from different people. Many are positive but some are not – I just don’t care. If somebody doesn’t like what they see, they should just not look – but of course, they all look.

Men’s reactions depend on who their companion is when they cross my way. Are they with their buddy or their girl?

Kitty after undergoing £52,000 transformationMedia Drum World / @kittyink.wildatheart

Though not all of the responses are positive, Kitty simply enjoys being noticed, as she said: ‘One of the worst things in the world is being ignored, so the more attraction one gets, the better.’

Kitty has been happily married for 27 years, but she suspects her transformation may have increased her dating options.

Kitty after undergoing £52,000 transformationMedia Drum World / @kittyink.wildatheart

She hopes her bold look will inspire others to follow their hearts when it comes to being the person they want to be, as she explained:

If somebody is not happy with their appearance in the mirror, they should do something about it. Get up from your sofa and start the hard work.

It’s not as easy as it sounds but which girl doesn’t want to be the supreme queen in every company?

Kitty wants to show people that beauty means something different to everyone, so even if people don’t appreciate her look she knows it’s right for her.

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