Avicii’s ‘Secret Girlfriend’ Shares Heartbreaking Video Of Her Son Crying

by : UNILAD on : 29 Apr 2018 15:27
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Last week, the incredibly popular Swedish DJ, Avicii, died, from what’s thought to have been suicide.


It’s a gargantuan understatement to say Avicii’s death, in Oman, at the age of just 28, truly shocked the world.

Now, days on from his untimely passing, Avicii’s ‘secret girlfriend’, Tereza Kacerova, has took to Instagram to share a video of her son crying when Avicii, real name Tim Bergling stepped out.

The video, which has since been removed, was captioned:


Tim and Lucas had just stepped out. I️ feel like Luka now.

The caption also explained how the video was taken months ago, with Tereza explaining:

This was taken MONTHS ago. It is in no way a SAD video – Tim was only stepping out for a few hours. It’s a video that shows how purely and innocently my son LOVED Tim. And Tim loved him back the same way.

I would find them sitting under a blanket together in what Luka called a “house” for so long that Tim was sweating but wouldn’t quit playing until Luka decided the game was over.

I wasn’t allowed in these “houses” and would get my leg slapped by Luka if I tried to weasel it in with the men in there.

Tereza also revealed in an earlier Instagram post how she and Avicii had spoken about starting a family of their own together.

You can read the post below:

She wrote:


Dear Tim. I’ve spent the last days waiting to wake up, waiting for someone to tell me this is some sick joke, some awful mistake. I think it’s finally settling on me now that I will truly never get to see you again.

I used to tell you that Luka will never remember a life without you. Now I hope that he will remember his life WITH you. I’ll be there to remind him. I’ll show him

Every time I think about something we won’t finish I feel physical pain in my heart.

We never finished the Harry Potter marathon – we had the last one left – you never witnessed me having a meltdown when Snape dies. I never finished persuading you that our daughter’s name MUST be Serafina.

You never finished your tattoo sleeve in which the inner forearm would have a face coincidentally resembling mine.

She then added:

I was always very set on keeping our relationship private because I wanted it to be OURS and ours only and wanted no part in that madness.

But I thought, if I’m going to share this with the world, it will be when I’m pregnant with our child. Ohhh how that plan went awry.

I called you baby angel. Little did I know how soon you would become one.

The last words you ever said to me were “I love you”. Well I LOVE YOU. As much as you love Mexican Coke… and then some.

Mexican Coke is a reference to Coca Cola, which in Mexico, is made with cane sugar leading many to believe it makes the drink taste a lot better.


Judging from Tereza’s loving words about her boyfriend, Avicii would’ve made a great father, and his tragic death proves yet again how we all need to talk about mental health.

Our thoughts remain with the family and friends of Avicii at this extremely difficult time.

If you’ve been affected by the issues brought up in this article or are having thoughts about taking your own life or know some who is going through a similar experience and would like to speak with someone in confidence, contact the 24/7 Samaritans hotline on 116 123.

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    Tim and Lucas had just stepped out.