Baby Girl With Loads Of Hair On Her Head Lands Pantene Deal


A baby girl with a thick head of hair has landed a Pantene deal because of her unique looks – and it’s bloody adorable.

Baby Chanco – at just one-year-old – has started a modelling career, become an internet sensation, and has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram.

All of that and she’s only just celebrated her first birthday! Erm, can I get a do-over guys? I feel like I’ve gone wrong somewhere in life.

Baby Chanco, from Japan, became Instagram famous at just a few months old, when her mum decided to share her naturally thick hair with the online world.

And the rest, as they say, was history. The one-year-old has just made her television debut as a model for Pantene Japan, showing off her luscious locks.

In a video posted to Pantene Japan’s YouTube channel, Chanco stars in an animation about her life, while posing adorably throughout.

You can take a look below:

The narrator of the short story is television presenter Sato Kondo, who gained respect from many for letting her hair turn grey naturally rather than dying it.

In the video, she says:

Everyone all over the world told me I look cute. Well, almost everyone. I wonder if that’s because I look a little different? But my mummy didn’t mind, because my mummy loves my hair.

While Kondo narrates the story, baby Chanco poses, as animations pop up around her – giving the whole thing a storybook feel.

Pantene Japan posted the video in hope the baby girl’s story will help others to learn to love themselves.

They said:

Despite looking different from other babies, baby Chanco is loved worldwide for her naturally thick hair.

If everyone can learn to love their differences, this world may become a much nicer place.

Full disclaimer: I’m jealous of a one-year-old girl. I won’t lie to you, and I’m not proud of it, but I am. How has a baby managed to beat all of my life accomplishments to date when I’m nearly 25 years older than her?

Can you just excuse me for a second while I go and have a quarter-life crisis?

Right, I’m back. Still jealous, but back. I can’t be jealous for long though because it seems baby Chanco absolutely loves her new starring role.

In an interview with Inside Edition, her mum, Mami Kano, said she starts smiling immediately whenever a camera is pointed at her.

Kano posted the first Instagram picture of her daughter when she was just four months old, and Chanco became an instant hit.

Her mum told Inside Edition:

I started sharing pictures on Instagram because she was my first baby, and everyone kept asking me how hair baby girl is doing every day.

Kano does admit there are some slight setbacks when it comes to Chanco’s hair; for example, blow drying her hair takes up a large chunk of the day.

The mum also said Chanco is just like any other baby, adding:

She sometimes eats her own hair when she is eating her meal.

Well, I don’t know about you lot, but I’m heading out to by some hair growth serum. I’m feeling inspired (and still a bit jealous, obvs).

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