Baby Rocks Parents By Making Heavy Metal ‘Horns’ Sign Inside Womb

by : Emma Rosemurgey on : 08 Jul 2019 12:39
Baby Proves Rock Mettle By Making Baby Devil Horns Inside WombKennedy News and Media

A toddler proved a love for rock music was in her genes, before she even left her mum’s stomach.

Isla Langham shocked parents Jodie Lee and Davie Langham by making unmistakable devil horns sign during her 24-week scan.


The excited music lovers had been playing hits by resting headphones on Jodie’s expanding bump – treating Isla to some catchy Motown classics mixed with opera singer Andrea Bocelli.

Baby Proves Rock Mettle By Making Devil Horns Inside WombKennedy News and Media

As they eagerly watched the screen, Jodie gasped when her ‘little rock chick’ made the horn signs with her hand.

Now 18-months-old, Isla Langham has taken after her dad with his love of music and even ‘shakes her bum’ when cars blasting music pass her in the street.


Jodie, from Eastbourne, East Sussex, said:

As soon as we saw her hand we thought it was the best thing ever. We loved it.

Isla showed her love of music before she even arrived and now she’s our little rock chick.

It was a video scan, so the midwife went through and showed us the whole body.

Baby Proves Rock Mettle By Making Devil Horns Inside WombKennedy News and Media

It wasn’t until Jodie poked her belly and said ‘can you just show Mummy and Daddy that you’re okay?’ that Isla put her hand up.


The 31-year-old continued:

It’s fantastic when you get to see your baby anyway, but Davie was overwhelmed.

She’s our little miracle and we’d wanted her for so long. He went from having tears in his eyes to getting the giggles.

You get excited [at the scans] anyway because you realise it’s actually a person in there, but we were even more excited to meet her after that. It still makes us smile and laugh now.

Baby Proves Rock Mettle By Making Devil Horns Inside WombKennedy News and Media

Isla still enjoys listening to her parents’ unique remixes and ‘never stops’ dancing – even getting up in from of 300 holidaymakers on a recent holiday.


The toe-tapping tot dances along while her dad plays the keyboard and even ‘bounces up and down’ whenever she hears a catchy tune.

Jodie said:

Davie is massively into music. He absolutely loves it. He’s been in bands, does music production and plays all kinds of instruments.

We used to put earphones on my stomach all the time and mix it – it was a mixture of Michael Jackson and Andrea Bocelli.

They say when you play opera to babies in the womb they’ll be smart. She’s unbelievably clever, so smart.

She is obsessed. As soon as she hears music, even from a passing car, she’ll stop, put both her hands in the air and bounce up and down or shake her bum. She never stops.

When we were on holiday she’d climb on the stage and dance in front of 200 people. She’s not shy.

Baby Proves Rock Mettle By Making Devil Horns Inside WombKenney

Amazed by the unforgettable moment, Jodie posted her scan online for family and friends – but was soon accused of stealing it from the internet by shocked pals.

But to make sure the special image is never forgotten, she had it enlarged and hung it up in her living room – until her clumsy partner damaged it while redecorating.

Jodie explained:

When I put it online all my friends thought it was fake. They couldn’t believe it.

My partner is a photographer and videographer, so they thought we’d photo-shopped it.

We blew it up and framed it straight away to put up in the house, and my sister asked for a copy too, so she’s got it up in her house.

What a perfect picture to share with Isla’s friends at her 18th birthday party.

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