Baby Starves To Death After Parents ‘Overdose On Heroin’


A five-month-old-baby has tragically starved to death after both her parents died of a suspected heroin overdose.

The baby girl, Summer, died of starvation and dehydration days after her parents had died in their home, the Daily Mail reports.

Horrifyingly, the parents, Jason Chambers, 27, and Chelsea Cardaro, 19, had been dead for a week before their bodies were discovered at their home in Kernville, Pennsylvania.


The bodies were found in different parts of the house, with Jason discovered in the living room, Chelsea in the bathroom and little Summer in her bedroom.

At this stage, an overdose hasn’t been officially confirmed, but there was evidence of drugs in their home and the coroner believes the pair died within minutes of each other, leaving Summer helpless.

Neighbours believed the family were away as they hadn’t been seen since earlier December.

Hauntingly, less than two weeks before they died, the mother posted a picture to Facebook on December 14th with a heartbreaking caption.

She wrote:

The one and only my love of my life.

Worryingly, this was not the first incident of drug abuse in the house as District Attorney, Kelly Callihan, revealed paramedics were called to the couple’s home last month to treat Jason for an overdose.

After this dangerous turn of events which threatened to take his life, the family were reported to the Children and Youth Services.

The District Attorney stated:

They did meet with the mother and the father with the child present at the residence.

They checked out the house, and it was appropriate to a child living there. There was plenty of food and the child seemed well taken care of.


Police believe the delayed discovery of the bodies was due to the rest of the family being away.

Johnstown police Captain Chad Miller said:

It’s an unfortunate incident where they both possibly overdosed at the same time – and being from out of town, not having anybody in town – it was too long for anybody to notice that they were missing.


What a tragic situation for all involved.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this awful story.