Baby With ‘Anchorman Hair’ Has Inspired An Epic Meme Battle


There’s plenty of kids out there rocking some pretty incredible hairstyles but this little guy may be top of the pile.

The image of a baby with hair ‘like a news anchorman’ went viral for all the right reasons and has now launched a pretty intense meme battle on Reddit, reports the Huffington Post.

Imgur user Double_Cross_Gender posted the photo of her baby cousin showing the little fella’s incredibly full head of hair lusciously swept over to one side.

But rather than just admire the awesome do for what it was, internet users – obviously – decided to take it to the next level.

The ‘Photoshop battles’ Reddit thread has truly revealed the extent people have gone to in the battle of the baby meme.

‘Innovative’ Photoshoppers have really gone to town on the picture and have managed to match the hair with Harry Potter, Will Ferrell and – less successfully – a shampoo bottle.

Hats off to you guys, this is some very strong work. Also, this kid has an epic career in hair modelling ahead of him.