Bam Margera Looks Back To His Best As He Begins New Career


Former Jackass star and pro-skater Bam Margera seems to be getting his life back on track after battling alcoholism and spending time in rehab.

The infamous daredevil went through a rough patch when his best friend and Jackass alumni, Ryan Dunn, died in car accident in 2011.

However since getting clean, Bam is back doing what he loves the most – besides performing ridiculous stunts – skating.

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After a five year hiatus Bam is back on the scene with prominent skateboard brand Element, launching his own brand of personalised decks.

Element announced his return with a heartfelt press statement:

Bam’s natural talent on a skateboard and hilarious on-screen antics thrust him into the spotlight at a young age, making him one of the most popular and fun-to-watch skateboarders in the world.

As his media career took off, millions of people around the world were exposed to skateboarding for the first time – with his larger-than-life personality inspiring an entire generation of kids to go skate.

Welcome back Bam.

His collaboration with Element features ten exclusive boards that will drop on the brand’s website every Wednesday for the next ten weeks, and started on September 6.

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Since returning to the limelight the former Jackass star has started making media appearances again and showing the world that he still hasn’t lost his skateboard skills.

Most recently he did a hilarious interview with Viceland’s Desus and Mero.

Despite facing some very personal demons it genuinely looks like Bam Margera’s life is back on track.