Bar Bans Customers Who Use The Word ‘Literally’

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The word ‘literally’ has seriously lost its meaning in the last decade or so.

We all know someone who ‘literally can’t go to work today’, or ‘literally died’ when they saw something.

One bar owner in New York is sick of it, and has made a stand, deciding to eject customers who use the word ‘literally’.

The Continental, in East Village, put up an aggressive sign, banning the use of the classically overused word.

The angry sign written in capitals read:

Sorry but if you say the word ‘literally’ inside Continental you have 5 minutes to finish your drink and then you must leave.

If you actually start a sentence with ‘I literally’ you must leave immediately!!!

This is the most overused, annoying words in the English language and we will not tolerate it.

Stop Kardashianism now!

I get the owner’s frustration, people often use ‘literally’ as a crutch word in the same way as ‘like’ is used every other word by some people.

Most times people say ‘literally’, they mean the exact opposite, ‘figuratively’, so it’s an odd habit we’ve all picked up.

Lots of people really disagreed with the bar owner, Trigger Smith’s decision to bring in the ban.

Also, yes his name is Trigger. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Speaking to Grub Street, Trigger said:

Since it’s English, it’s probably happening in England, and maybe Australia.

I had a woman from Miami the other night tell me it’s happening down there, and it’s not just millennials.

Now you hear newscasters using ‘literally’ every three minutes on the Sunday news shows.

What’s annoying is people aren’t even aware they’re saying it. How could you be so unaware of your words that it’s coming out every couple minutes?”

Twitter user Tijuan Fisher wrote:

What a f***ng a**hole…if people’s speech bothers them that much then they don’t need to be in the hospitality industry.

I love social media because it lets you know not only what a**holes to avoid but what businesses you shouldn’t waste your money in.

In response to claims that they’re being sexist, Trigger said:

Anybody who knows me knows I’m a feminist who supports women’s rights and is 100 percent behind this whole ‘Me Too’ thing. I guess people will find an issue in anything.

The bar is known for having a surprisingly strict door policy for a bar that sells five shots of anything for $12.

It also banned ‘saggy jeans’, which Trigger defended by saying:

If you have a problem with that, open up your own bar with no dress code or door policy and see how long it lasts. That crowd will alienate and scare away your mainstream crowd until that’s all you have left.

Another Twitter user wrote:

Three exclamation marks and an overused ‘actually’ that doesn’t need to be there? Hypocrisy thy name is The Continental.

The Continental, which has a sign hanging inside which reads ‘the customer is always wrong’, is closing down in a few months…

At least it’s leaving with a bang.