Barack Obama’s End Of Year Message Is Perfect


Despite the negativity which has seemingly swept across our nations throughout 2017, Barack Obama has delivered a perfect message of hope as we head into the new year.

The former president delivered a New Year’s message, which not only has installed hope for us as across the globe, but reminded people what he believes is the best thing about America.

Mr Obama, in a tweet thread, urged people to ‘keep changing the world in 2018’, seemingly in a reflective mood while preparing to welcome in the year to come.


Without mentioning a certain current POTUS, Obama continued:

For all the bad news that seemed to dominate our collective consciousness, there are countless stories from this year that remind us what’s best about America.

Following the heartfelt tweet, he proceeded to link out to a number of stories where citizens had overcome barriers or examples of where they had put others first.

One of the people referred to was Kat Creech, a wedding planner in Houston, who ‘turned a postponed wedding into a volunteer opportunity for Hurricane Harvey victims’.

He tweeted:

Thirty wedding guests became an organisation of hundreds of volunteers. That’s a story from 2017.

His focus then switched to Chris Long – an American Football player with the Philadelphia Eagles – who has been donating his entire salary for the year to numerous charitable causes.

The causes Long has donated to include providing clean water in a third-world country, the welfare of military veterans and enhancing educational opportunities in the US.

The children Chris is trying to help live in and around the city of Charlottesville, Virginia, where he played college football, and was rocked by neo-Nazi-led violence this summer, resulting in the death of a young female anti-fascist activist, Heather Heyer.

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Obama wrote:

Chris Long gave his paycheques from the first six games of the NFL season to fund scholarships in Charlottesville, VA.

He wanted to do more, so he decided to give away an entire season’s salary. That’s a story from 2017.

The work of 10-year-old Jahkil Jackson was also highlighted – a youngster who’s trying to help the homeless people in Chicago.

The former president tweeted:

He created kits full of socks, toiletries, and food for those in need. Just this week, Jahkil reached his goal to give away 5,000 ‘blessing bags’. That’s a story from 2017.

It’s no surprise Mr Obama was recently voted ‘Most Admired Man In The World’ for the tenth year in a row.

The Gallup poll, which was released recently, showed 17 per cent of pollers declared the former Commander-in-Chief as the man the world most admired.

He beat current president, Mr Donald Trump, who sat firmly behind in second place with 14 per cent of the votes – I hope his ego’s not been bruised too badly!

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Gallup News noted:

Obama has now been named the most admired man 10 times, trailing only Dwight Eisenhower, who earned the distinction 12 times.

Obama won all eight years he was president, plus 2008 — the year he was first elected — and this year, his first as a former president.

Barack Obama was recently interviewed by Prince Harry, which was broadcast by the BBC.

The 56-year-old former president urged everyone in leadership roles to prevent the corrosion of public discourse.


He finished his series of tweets by writing:

All across America people chose to get involved, get engaged and stand up.

Each of us can make a difference, and all of us ought to try. So go keep changing the world in 2018.

Once again, Obama has shared a message we should all be taking note of!

With this type of positivity, roll on 2018!