Batkid Officially Clear Of Cancer


The young boy who made headlines five years ago when he transformed into his favourite superhero for the day is officially free of cancer.

Miles Scott warmed the hearts of people around the world back in 2013, when he became San Francisco’s very own ‘Batkid’ while suffering with cancer.

The Make-a-Wish Foundation helped him achieve his life-long dream of becoming the famous superhero when he was five-years-old, if only for one day.

At just five-years-old, Miles requested to become his favourite superhero for a day — and on November 15 2013, his wish was granted.

Thousands gathered in San Francisco to cheer the young boy on, as he was taken around town in a black Lamborghini – reminiscent of his favourite superhero.

As he drove around town, they stopped to take on criminals and save lives at scenes which had been set up especially for him – involving police officers, firefighters, cable cars, bad guys and special effects.

CBS News announced the news Batkid was now cancer-free on their Twitter page:

They posted a video montage of the events of that day, showing Miles dressed up and carrying out his very own stunts.

They wrote:

GOOD NEWS IN GOTHAM: Five years ago, cancer patient Miles Scott memorably transformed into San Francisco’s “Bat Kid,” winning the hearts of the city. [sic]

Miles, now 10 years old, has been declared cancer-free.

Miles has been fighting leukaemia since he was a one-year-old and had regular visits to see an oncologist in order to check on his progress.

Batkid Cleared Of CancerGetty

As reported by the New York Post, Miles has been in remission for the past five years.

A spokesperson for the Make-A-Wish Foundation said in a statement:

After fighting his own heroic battle with leukaemia since he was a year old, Miles visits his oncologist once a year, and has been in remission from leukaemia for the past five years.

His oncology visits are now down to just one a year, and five years since his incredible adventure, he’s been declared cancer-free.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Miles lives with his parents and two younger siblings on a family farm in Tulelake. He plays little league baseball and loves science.

Batkid cleared of cancerGetty

His mum, Natalie, spoke to the paper about how the family hasn’t forgotten the day her eldest son became Batkid:

This wish meant closure for our family and an end to over three years of putting toxic drugs in our son’s body.

In fact, it meant so much to her, she recently applied to be one of the Foundation’s official wish-granting volunteers.

Make-A-Wish helps to ‘create life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses’, going ‘above and beyond to grant amazing wishes to very amazing children’.

I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing Miles a happy and healthy life. Go Batkid!

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