‘Batman’ Reveals Truth Behind Why Police Pulled His Batmobile Over

by : UNILAD on : 23 Aug 2018 10:03
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Imagine you’re Batman – the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader – speeding down the streets of Gotham City in your high-powered Batmobile, chasing after one of your nefarious villains.


Who is it this time? Two-Face? The Penguin? The Riddler? I bet it’s the Joker. But you’ll never know because some cop from the GCPD (Gotham City Police Department) turns on his lights and pulls you over.

This is pretty much what happened to one Batman impersonator who was pulled over while travelling in Caledon, Ontario, Canada.

Obviously, it wasn’t the real Batman/Bruce Wayne (or was it?) but why was he dressed up like Batman? And why was he pulled over?


Well, in answer to the latter, it’s because the officer who pulled him over just wanted to get a picture with the greatest superhero of all time (sorry Superman).

Cosplayer Stephen Lawrence, who dresses up as the iconic DC Comics superhero, is more commonly known as the ‘Brampton Batman’. He uses his time to attend local comic conventions as well as visiting children in hospital.

Lawrence was driving his custom Batmobile – dressed up as Batman of course – in his hometown of Parry Sound, last weekend (Saturday, August 18), when he was suddenly stopped by police.

Speaking to Global News, Lawrence said:

I noticed that I was being tailed by a couple of cameras — I can tell when there are recordings happening of me driving — so I noticed at a stop light that a vehicle… was an OPP cruiser.

I took advantage of this. I pulled up beside the cruiser in the left turn lane and asked the officer to give me a hand with the cameras behind me. The officer said yes they can.

Lawrence was escorted by the officer, who turned on the emergency lights before signalling him to pull over.

Lawerence continued:


I jumped out and asked if everything was OK and the officer said, ‘I would like to not miss my opportunity and get a photograph with you.’

The Caped Crusader was more than happy to grant the request, and while he doesn’t want to name the officer – just in case he gets into trouble – he admitted he’d have done the same thing if their roles were reversed.

He also revealed he was once pulled over for driving ‘too sensibly’ when he was on his way to visit a child who was sick. Never thought I’d see the day where Batman’s pulled over for safe driving.

The officer who pulled him over at the time, Constable Ed Sanchuk, said:

What a nice young man, Batman is! He was driving his Batmobile – and what an awesome car it is. It was very interesting to speak to this man, but more importantly – Batman was actually driving under 80 km/h in a posted 80 km/h zone for everyone’s safety.

It looks like a pretty quick car, but he was driving sensibly. I just had to take that opportunity to stop him, and say thank you on behalf of all of us in Norfolk County.

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Can you imagine how mny parking and speeding tickets the real Batman must have accumulated throughout his years of crime fighting?

I guess he can just get Bruce Wayne to pay them all!

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