Beauty Blogger Forced To Apologise For Racist ‘Joke’


A beauty blogger has been forced to apologise for a racist slur she made while promoting Korean make-up.

Cocomadkilla, a Swiss blogger, was reviewing the brand, Glowrious, and on her blog post, she said:

All beauty fanatics watch out, the European cosmetics scene just got turned upside down! As you may have noticed, you discover a lot of funny stuff in the east, many of us don’t always understand the ‘ching chongs’ with the black hair and funny clothes (hihi).

Cocomadkilla has since posted a statement apologising for the comments, describing what she said as a ‘joke’.

She wrote:

Recently things have been going crazy over a joke I made. A joke without realising it would have such an impact and offend so many people.

I would like to state that I never meant to offend anyone. I’m sorry if that was the case.

Despite her attempts, all has most definitely not been forgiven, probably not helped by the fact she apologised for ‘offending people’ and not what she actually said.

Plenty of people shared their thoughts about it on Twitter saying they ‘don’t forgive intentional racism’.

Following some understandably heavy criticism, the blogger has taken down the post, deleted her Facebook page and made her Instagram profile private.