Bella Thorne’s Hairy Armpit Holiday Photos Spark Huge Debate

Bella ThorneBella Thorne/Instagram

Bella Thorne has been photographed while on holiday sporting armpit hair and apparently people can’t deal with it.

It’s the same old debate yet again. Should women grow their armpit hair or shave? Yawn.

Do what you want! Who cares?

Filthy fangs ???

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Most people are laying praise on the actor, and former Disney star’s armpits, as she holidays in Hawaii, which is good to see – considering it’s absolutely her choice to do what she pleases.

One person wrote:

If she wants to not shave that’s her business and her choice as a person and a woman.

Even if she is a celebrity and not the ‘common woman’ it’s still her decision and should be respected.

Bella isn’t the first celebrity to shun the razor, and she won’t be the last.

During December’s LOVE Magazine Advent Calendar, model Gigi Hadid sported underarm hair – again, leaving people discussing whether or not they found it ‘ok’.

One sensible follower put it well when she wrote:

For all of you women commenting rude words and hating on this: You are missing the main point of this campaign.

While you’re thinking ‘shame on Gigi for not shaving her armpits and letting me see them on Instagram (omg I won’t sleep tonite)’ you should really feel ashamed of yourself for showing us yet again that unity and unconditional love and support between each other is far from happening until there are these social boundaries that really exist nowhere but in your minds. [sic].

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes also publicly sports underarm hair.

The singer uploaded a sweet picture of the two of them, captioning the photograph:

We are Ready For You 2018!

Earlier this year, and in the non-celebrity world, one woman decided to shun modern societal beauty (mis)conceptions and go au naturale.

Kate Smurthwaite went on ITV’This Morning to show women they shouldn’t feel pressure to shave.

She hasn’t shaved for five years and while the growth of bodily hair is perfectly natural – because biology and evolution exist – some viewers branded her ‘disgusting’.

Watch the clip here:

Kate said:

It’s not manicured, I don’t do anything. I don’t want women to feel like there’s something wrong with their natural body.

Also on the show was Lizzie Cundy – a former WAG and general person-at-events – who said she believed most men and women would find bodily hair ‘unattractive’.

Missing the point.

Lizzie, who says she always carries a razor around with her, said:

I’m sorry it actually makes me feel quite queasy and ill. I do think it’s unattractive and I think most men and women don’t like underarm hair.

It’s like Flintstones-ages, we’ve come a long way since then.

Although the topic is evidently somewhat of a contentious issue, people called out This Morning for entertaining a debate which is inherently subjective and entirely up to each individual woman.

You just do you, and let’s allow everybody to do the same.

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