Benidorm Tourists Flee Beach After Floods Turn Streets Into Rivers


Tourists in Benidorm didn’t need to go to a waterpark to be caught up in flowing water after floods turned the streets of the Spanish holiday resort into rivers. 

While England has had a surprising lack of rain recently, Benidorm has not been so lucky.

The temperatures in the holiday resort are currently lower than they are in Britain, and visitors who had probably had high hopes for a sun-soaked day at the beach got an unpleasant surprise when the heavens opened on them.

Check out the waterlogged streets here:

Cruise worker Charlie Brown filmed the video, where water can be seen pouring down a hill in Rincon de Loix.

Those who had set up camp at the beach grabbed their deckchairs and parasols and made a run for it, struggling up the hill through the fast flowing, gushing water.

Charlie explained that bad drains in the resort usually lead to floods after rain, but the amount that hit the streets on the day he filmed the video was extreme.

BenidormGetty Images

Talking about the footage he captured, the 25-year-old said:

This was after just 30 minutes of heavy rain.

Weather like this is not normal for Benidorm at this time of the year. It’s practically unheard of.

August is normally scorching, but it was freezing this morning – I had to put my heating on.

It often floods when there’s rain because the drainage system isn’t great, but this was just crazy.

Charlie added that he lost a flip flop to the strong current of water – and said he has been walking around with one shoe ever since.

Surely in the seaside tourist trap there’s at least one shop that sells flip flops? Though he might not have wanted to risk losing the other one in trying to get there.

He continued:

I even lost my flip flop battling against the current. I’ve been walking around with only one since.

The water was over my ankles. It was hard to walk up the hill.

I suppose holidaymakers would be pretty p***** off if they’d travelled here for some sun. It is sunny now though.

This was right by the sea in front of the beach.

Some holidaymakers took to social media to share their disappointment at the bad weather.

One person wrote: 

 I didn’t pay for this sh*t! #Benidorm

Another shared a video on Instagram of the stormy weather, but indicated they’d found a good way to pass the time with the hashtag ‘another day in the pub’.

I can think of worse places to be.

It seems that not everyone was deterred by the rain however, with some Brits so determined to have their time on a sun lounger that they simply embraced the precipitation.

One visitor wrote:

Currently sunbathing in the rain, I love Benidorm x

Hopefully most of the tourists got their time in the sun. If not, at least they can always experience Benidorm life through the TV show.

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