Best Friends Given 2% Chance Of Survival Recreate Childhood Photo At Graduation

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Best Friends Given 2% Chance Of Survival Recreate Childhood Photo At GraduationSWNS

A pair of best friends who were given a 2% chance of survival at birth defied the odds to graduate high school together.

The parents of 18-year-olds Odin Frost and Jordon Granberry were told their sons would never walk and could live in a ‘vegetative state’ if they survived their early years.


However, Odin and Jordon have far exceeded doctors’ expectations, having now graduated high school together. They even recreated a photo of the pair on their first day of school aged three; since that day, Odin and Jordon have been best friends.

You can watch the teenagers celebrate their graduation here:


Officially graduating high school and collecting their diplomas this week, Odin’s parents said the photos, taken 15 years apart, reminded them just how far the pair had come.


Odin’s dad Tim said:

My son and his best friend were both told their survival rate would be around 2%, that they’d never walk, and that they’d live in a vegetative state – if they made it past seven years.

Both walked the stage and graduated. I was on cloud 19. I was so fricking proud of him. We just want our kids to be seen, and seen for the beautiful humans they are, and seen for their accomplishments.

Before Odin was born, his Mum Deanda experienced preeclampsia while she was pregnant. Odin was born three weeks early, suffering a bleed on the brain. Doctors weren’t sure of his diagnosis, but told his parents he wouldn’t walk or talk, and his cognitive functions wouldn’t exceed the average seven-year-old.

Best Friends Given 2% Chance Of Survival Recreate Childhood Photo At GraduationSWNS

Tim said: ‘Everyone was saying ‘be prepared’ and that he was going to stay in the little kid stage for most of his life.’

However, Odin defied the odds and started school aged three, alongside Jordon. According to Tim, Jordon developed a blood infection before birth, which deprived him of oxygen and caused a brain injury. Both boys defied doctors and walked – Odin when he was five and Jordon taking his first steps recently, just before his 18th birthday.

Tim added:

They are fiercely loyal and protective of each other. They definitely feel a vibe together. If someone comes too close to Jordon, and they don’t like the vibe, Odin will go into protective mode.

Odin will laugh and Jordon will laugh too – it has always been that way. They have a special connection that I don’t know if the outside world would know what was going on.

Best Friends Given 2% Chance Of Survival Recreate Childhood Photo At GraduationSWNS

Like the boys, Odin and Jordon’s parents have become close too, and the four of them watched their sons graduate last Thursday, July 16. Posting the photo of the pair recreating their childhood photo, Tim was inundated with praise from more than 100,000 people online.

Wary of the cruel side of the internet, Tim said: ‘I was getting ready to defend him but it has just been kindness. My wife and I just lay there in bed reading the comments, and we were crying at how beautiful it is.’

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