‘Big John’ From The Inbetweeners Looks Completely Unrecognisable Now

Big John The InbetweenersChannel 4

The unfortunate ‘Big John’ from The Inbetweeners looks completely different now to his Rudge Park Comprehensive days. 

As the title implies, The Inbetweeners was, of course, home to many odd and awkward characters.

An utterly brilliant creation, the show pulled up many aspects of the school environment, ‘lad’ culture, and awkward teenage years, and pushed them to the extreme, resulting in unmatchable comedy.

The show was defined mainly by its four main characters.

We had Will, who tried to be sensible most of the time, but often ended up making himself stand out of the crowd – like when he stood on stage and announced to the room that he needed an ambulance because he thought he might be dead.

Still from The Inbetweeners Series 3Ch 4

There was Simon, who drew attention through his bright yellow car with a red door, and by doing a fashion show in underwear that did very little to hide a small, hairy section of his manhood.

Neil, the infamous fish-puncher, who just enjoyed being in his own little world and insisting that his dad was not gay.

And there was Jay, a man who was possibly the biggest case of ‘all talk’ ever to grace our television screens, who claimed to know everything girl-related, yet always failed miserably in that department.

These four characters made up the bulk of our Inbetweeners entertainment, but there was one other student who fell into the ‘oddity’ category – ‘Big John’.

Big John, played by actor John Seaward, didn’t really help himself when it came to integrating into the sixth form life.

Big John The InbetweenersChannel 4

He was characterised by his love for food and apparent lack of hygiene – he had quite a skill for eating two yoghurts at once, but managed to repulse a lot of those around him by doing things like sniffing his own armpit.

All in all, Big John didn’t appear to be a character people were particularly drawn to.

The character appeared in all three seasons of The Inbetweeners, and also made it into 2011’s The Inbetweeners Movie.

Now, however, actor John Seaward looks very different from his Inbetweeners days – far from the unpleasant character many people came to know him as.

The actor has gone on to appear in plays and the BBC show Survivors since The Inbetweeners finished filming, and has transformed into an almost unrecognisable person.

For instance, check him out here on stage for a recent play.

John Seaward in The PhilanthropistGetty

Even the biggest Inbetweeners fan in the world wouldn’t know it was him.

The actor shared some of his recent headshots on Twitter:

The caption read:

Not an easy job, making me look half decent. But somehow Brandon Bishop’s managed it with these headshots – love em

John has certainly evolved from his schoolboy appearance into a grown man – which makes sense, given that he’s 30 years old later this month.

He also appeared in the BBC‘s Theresa v Boris in the past – where the student we’re used to from The Inbetweeners suddenly gained a whole host of years in a shocking makeover.

While his name is John, and at 6’3″ he’s still undoubtedly big, I think it’s safe to say that the actor is definitely no longer the same ‘Big John’ we remember.

Thankfully though, his humorous unfortunateness will live on forever through The Inbetweeners. 

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