Biggest Inconveniences Of Modern Life Revealed

The nation's biggest gripes revealed.Deposit Photos

Life can be full of excitement, devastation and joy, but most of the time it’s full of inconveniences.

We may not be living in plague times anymore, throwing our own poop out onto the heads of our neighbours. But it seems modern Britain still has plenty to tut and grumble about.

Indeed, a new study of 2,000 adults has revealed the top 40 gripes which are putting a serious strain on the British stiff upper lip.

The most common gripe was found to be people not listening to you when you have something to say. And as somebody with a very quiet voice, I totally get this.

Other irksome irritations included ‘people thinking rules don’t apply to them’, loud eaters and the notoriously scream-inducing ‘unidentified item in bagging area’ at self checkouts.

I was interested to see how many gripes were connected with the technological advances which are intended to make modern life simpler.

Mobile phones appear to cause us no end of strife, with running out of data and notifications about running out of storage coming in at 32 and 34 respectively.

Clothing relating disasters also have the power to send us frothing with rage. Understandably, one third of us find splashing and potentially staining a favourite top or pair of jeans to be a great annoyance.

Meanwhile, over one quarter feel sorely inconvenienced when they realise the outfit they had just put on is either dirty or crumpled. Although, I must say it’s always worse when you don’t notice the lurking coffee stain until you are already at the party.

Director of Sky Mobile, Sophia Ahmad, said:

So many of these modern-day frustrations stem from a feeling of a lack of control.

Late buses, distracted people and phones which run out of data just at that inopportune moment, are all things we wish we could get into line and make work for us, but sometimes life isn’t that way.

Sky Mobile is here to help customers with one of these gripes, by offering more control over their data usage with Roll.

Any unused data is automatically rolled over into your Sky Piggybank every month and saved for up to three years, ready to be used whenever it’s needed – like when you’re killing time waiting for that delayed train.

Such inconveniences are said to strike Brits more than 15 times a week – wasting around two hours of our time – and we don’t always handle them too well.

Among those polled, 44 per cent revealed they had a ‘short fuse’, with four in 10 having snapped at somebody without good reason and one fifth expresing regret over calls or texts sent in the heat of the moment,

However, a lot of Brits realise most things which get them riled up are usually pretty trivial and ‘not worth getting angry over’.

Remember, deep breaths and a cup of tea are always preferable to yelling down down the phone at a call centre worker who probably hates their job as much as you do.

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