Birdwatcher Discovers $1M Worth Of Ancient Celtic Gold Coins

by : Cameron Frew on : 25 Dec 2020 15:15
Birdwatcher Discovers $1M Worth Of Ancient Celtic Gold CoinsTreasure Hunting Magazine/Facebook

A British birdwatcher discovered more than $1 million worth of ancient Celtic gold coins in the English countryside.

The treasure hunter, said to be in his 50s, was strolling along his local area while tracking a ‘dogfight’ when he came across the million-dollar cache of historic coins.


He’s chosen to remain anonymous, but thing is certain: he stepped upon some incredible wealth with his discovery, estimated to be worth £845,000, equating to roughly $1,144,000.

Treasure Hunting Magazine 1Treasure Hunting Magazine/Facebook

The coins, first thought to be the product of old machinery, date back 2000 years to the days of Boudicca leading the British Celtic Iceni tribe in an uprising against the conquering forces of the Roman Empire.

In an interview with Treasure Hunting magazine, the birdwatcher described it as a ‘life-changing sum’, explaining as per The New York Post: ‘That evening I was doing a bit of bird-watching. After watching a dogfight between a buzzard and a pair of magpies, I stared down and spotted something lying in a bit of the deep ploughed soil which ran around the edge of the field.’


He added: ‘I saw the glint of gold and realized it was a beautiful Celtic gold stater, which made me sit down in sheer shock. I then spotted the second coin two feet away and rushed home to get my [metal detector].’ Soon, he realised there was more treasure. Hilariously, a nearby dog walker shouted: ‘You found gold yet?’

Treasure Hunting Magazine 2Treasure Hunting Magazine/Facebook

With shopping bags full with 1,300 gold coins, worth up to $880 each, he contacted the local coroner’s office which will oversee the next steps as per the UK’s Treasure Act of 1996, deciding whether he’ll keep them or if they’ll be given to the landowner or local museum.

According to Treasure Hunting’s editor Julian Evans-Hart, the previous record for a coin discovery was 850, back in 2008. ‘At this stage it seems highly likely that the discovery might well knock that find off top spot,’ he said in a statement.


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