‘Booby Trap Bras’ With Built In Knife Pouches Are Now A Thing

by : UNILAD on : 18 Mar 2016 13:34
Booby Trap Bras

Following a terrifying attack, one woman has developed a self-defence sports bra that can secretly hold pepper spray or a knife.


Jennifer Cutrona was training for a marathon last year when she was attacked in woodland near her home in Texas, reports Fox8.

Her headphones were in, and she was caught off guard when a man lurking in the woods jumped out to grab her.


According to Jennifer, all she could think of was getting away and back home to her two sons:


If I were to be killed senselessly on a trail for somebody’s thrill, how bad it would impact their world?!

Following her assault, Jennifer decided to come up with an idea that could prevent the same thing happening to other women.

What she came up with was a new ‘self-defence bra’ – brilliantly named the ‘Booby Trap Bra’ – and she has now even patented her invention.

The bra provides women a way to safely store a special knife or pepper spray which they can easily access if attacked.

The ‘Just in Case Knife Bra’ is now on sale for $54.99 (£38) – knife sold separately –  and the ‘Just in Case Pepper Spray Bra’ retails for $49.99 (£34.50). The pepper spray even has a blue dye added to it so police can easily detect attackers.


She hopes women will take something away from her story and that her new product will encourage them not to be scared:


It had to happen for me to move forward. I was excited that I got away, but I know a lot of women aren’t that lucky.

It wasn’t done out of fear, to live in fear, it was done just to be prepared just in case.

So consider this a warning to any potential attackers – you don’t know what could be hiding under a simple piece of exercise gear…

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