Bored Couple In Greater Manchester Transform Husband To Make Him Look Exactly Like Wife

by : Emily Brown on : 21 Apr 2020 12:09
Bored Couple In Greater Manchester Transform Husband To Make Him Look Exactly Like WifeDarcy Rowlands/CONTENTbible

A married woman got so bored in isolation that she decided to give her husband a makeover and transform him into the spitting image of herself. 

I sense a new TikTok challenge coming on! Soon there will be couples everywhere video calling relatives and posing as their partners.


If this does take off as a trend, we can all thank 22-year-old Darcy Rowlands, from Atherton, UK, who was the first – that I know of – to give her husband a new, albeit familiar, look.

Check it out:


Darcy and husband Samuel have been married for seven months, but their first year of marriage has been interrupted by the ongoing outbreak that has people across the globe staying home, rather than heading out for date nights and weekend getaways.


Brits have been urged to stay indoors for more than a month now, so Darcy decided to give Samuel a makeover to keep themselves entertained and because they ‘thought it would be a laugh’.

The couple really committed to the transformation, and hilarious footage shows Samuel shaving in preparation for the makeup that would soon be applied all over his face.

Wife who transformed her husband into herselfCONTENTbible

What followed was two hours of waxing, plucking, brushing, contouring and styling as Darcy set about changing everything that made her husband look like himself, instead making him look just like her.


Darcy told UNILAD:

To transform him I had to wax and shape his eyebrows, use makeup and hair extensions. The transformation took around two hours, but it was sooo [sic] worth it.

Wife putting makeup on husband to transform him into herselfCONTENTbible

Once his face was made up and his long, blonde hair was clipped in, Samuel donned a white dress to complete his new look and set about sharing the transformation with friends.


Darcy said Samuel was all too happy with the end result, adding:

In fact, he actually thinks he looks better as a woman.

Though the entire goal of the video was to transform Samuel into herself, Darcy admitted she didn’t expect the look to be quite so convincing. She told UNILAD it was ‘extremely strange’ to have her husband look so much like her and expressed her surprise at how similar they looked in the end.

The couple’s friends found the transformation ‘absolutely hilarious and crazy’, with many of them struggling to believe their eyes when they watched the footage of Samuel’s transformation.


With stay-at-home orders now enforced for another few weeks, Darcy and Samuel will have to come up with some more fun ways to stay entertained. For their next trick, Darcy is actually considering turning herself into Samuel, so watch this space!

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