Boss Accidentally Turns Herself Into Potato During Video Call Meeting

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As millions of people adapt to the working from home lifestyle in a bid to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, it’s no surprise many have hit some slight bumps in the road along the way.

Let’s face it, there are just too many opportunities for things to go wrong: a needy feline co-worker sitting on your laptop preventing you from doing any work; an accidental flash by a co-worker who forgot he wasn’t wearing any trousers; and what about that time your boss turned herself into a potato for the entirety of your team meeting?


The latter is exactly what happened to one woman recently, who documented the hilarious exchange on social media for the entire world to see – providing us all with a much-needed laugh in the process.

The employee, Rach Clegg, screenshotted the exact moment her boss accidentally activated a filter which turned her into a (quite laid-back-looking) spud, putting it on Twitter immediately afterwards for us all to enjoy.

A move that normally I’d describe as pretty risky – y’know, seeing as though her boss holds all of the power to fire her and make her working life a living hell – but which right now I’m describing as absolutely heroic.


Alongside the hilarious photo, Rach wrote: ‘My boss turned herself into a potato on our Microsoft teams meeting and can’t figure out how to turn the setting off, so she was just stuck like this the entire meeting.’

Not to be left out, her boss – who from now on will only be referred to as #potatoboss – then got involved in the action, retweeting Rach’s tweet and exclaiming: ‘I yam glad this is making folks laugh at this time. Please stay planted at home and safe!’

Incredible. Personally, I don’t know how anybody involved in that meeting managed to keep a straight face and keep it together, but they somehow managed it – not an easy feat when you’re staring at an animated potato, let me tell you.


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Obviously, people absolutely loved the potato mishap and made their feelings clear, with one person retweeting it and writing: ‘I have been laughing at this all morning.’ Same, to be honest.

Another person tweeted: ‘This tweet is the best part of my week so far,’ while one asked the (very legitimate) question: ‘I just want to know, how did they deal a full meeting like that? [Face with tears of joy emoji] if I was me I will laugh the entire meeting.’


Basically, it gave us all the giggle we so needed at this trying time. Hopefully #potatoboss will be back for round two sometime soon.

Our thoughts are with all those affected by coronavirus and the families of those who have lost their lives.

It’s okay to not panic. LADbible and UNILAD’s aim with our coronavirus campaign, Cutting Through, is to provide our community with facts and stories from the people who are either qualified to comment or have experienced first-hand the situation we’re facing. For more information from the World Health Organization on coronavirus, click here.

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