Botched Bum Implants Leave Woman Looking Like She’s Wearing A Nappy

by : Julia Banim on : 19 Mar 2020 13:21

A woman who splashed £15,000 on butt implants has ended up with very different results to what she had hoped for.

While undergoing surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, 33-year-old Star Delguidice decided to go for implants that were twice the recommended size, and endured fat being drained from her thighs, arms and tummy in a bid to achieve her ideal bottom.


However, although she was initially pleased with the results from her December 2018 surgery, Star’s behind has proceeded to droop substantially – leaving her looking as though she’s wearing a ‘nappy’.


Star is now determined to find plastic surgeons who can fix her ‘nappy bum’, after stating she had ‘ruined her body’ following extensive cosmetic procedures.

This was far from Star’s first time under the knife. She has already spent more than £200,000 on cosmetic procedures over the years, and has previously claimed she will ‘stop at nothing’ until she feels she is perfect.


Last year she said:

Due to the amount of surgery I’ve had I often get people staring at me in the street but I don’t care.

I’m proud of the amount of plastic surgery I have had and I’ll never stop as it’s part of who I am.

As well as undergoing various other procedures, Star has had breast implants, liposuction, four nose jobs, jaw and forehead contouring, two eyebrow lifts, nipple reduction, eyelash treatment, veneers and a surgical lip lift.


Shortly before Christmas, Star opened up about her plans for a ‘perfect Barbie vagina’ – a £5,000 vaginoplasty that involves ‘making [the vagina] as small and tight as possible, while neatening it all from the outside’.

According to Star:

The Barbie vagina surgery will enable me to have the most perfect vagina, just like Barbie.

Star’s surgeon, Bulent Cihantimur MD, went into further detail about the operation, explaining:


The Barbie Vagina involves reducing the length of the labia minora which is twisting and tugging of the labia.

I then transfer autologous fat to the labia majora in order to improve firmness and the contour of it, enhance the shape and to correct proportional imbalances.

Fat makes rejuvenation, brightness and also beautification. This technique turns her vagina into her teenager times.

Other surgeons offer labioplasty or vagina surgery but my difference is the technique I use, the way and the location of the transferring the fat into the body and the stage of preparation.

Bum implantBum implantCaters

Here’s hoping Star gets the bum of her dreams soon.

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