Bournemouth Woman Who Woke Up With ‘Sh*t All Over’ Herself Shocked At Guy’s Simple Explanation

by : Lucy Connolly on : 03 Mar 2020 18:50
Bournemouth Woman Who Woke Up With 'Sh*t All Over' Herself Shocked At Guy's Simple ExplanationBournemouth Woman Who Woke Up With 'Sh*t All Over' Herself Shocked At Guy's Simple Explanationabishenton/Twitter

Ever woken up in a daze with sh*t all over you? Nope, me neither.


One woman who thought she had is Abi Shenton, from Bournemouth, who woke up recently covered in suspicious-looking brown stains that covered both herself and her bed sheets.

Having had a man stay over the night before, Abi immediately messaged him, asking what the hell was going on and why was she covered in so much shit?!

woman wakes up covered in chocolate looks like shitwoman wakes up covered in chocolate looks like shitabishenton/Twitter

Abi took to Twitter to share the text exchange with the man, in which she confronted him about the marks on her bed, asking him: ‘Why have I just woken up with shit all over me and my bed sheets?’


The man responded with a question mark, followed by the statement: ‘I left you some choccy stars. I put them on your face while you were sleeping.’

Giving no further context – because why on Earth would you? – the man left it at that, prompting Abi to ask: ‘What was the thought process behind that?’

At which point he simply replied:


Huh. Abi posted the hilarious exchange alongside the caption, ‘men ????’, and honestly I can’t blame her. Neither can approximately 393,000 people apparently, who have liked and retweeted her post on Twitter.

Nearly 2,500 people have also commented underneath the picture, with many appreciating the man’s generosity and one person writing: ‘“Funny” can’t argue with it.’

Another person said: ‘That’s a sign of affection and you’re treating it like a nuisance,’ while one simply wrote: ‘We stan a king lmao.’ Another said: ‘Protect him with ur life.’


Others weren’t as keen though, with many taking Abi’s side and one person writing: ‘Men are so annoying omg.’ Another wrote: ‘That would be an end to a friendship right there.’

chocolate stars on bed look like poochocolate stars on bed look like pooabishenton/Twitter

I’d like to give the mystery man the benefit of doubt and think he was just trying to be cute, believing she’d enjoy a bit of chocolate when she woke up.

But then I realise if he really wanted to do that, he could have quite easily left the Milky Stars in their packet – or on her bedside cabinet or something – and have avoided all of the mess. So nope, he was definitely just being a bit of a joker.

And you’ve got to admit, it is funny – even if Abi did later confirm she woke up with ‘chunks of chocolate’ in her hair. Thanks for taking one for the team, Abi. All in the name of a great story, hey?

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Abi Shenton/Twitter
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