Boy Dodges Motorbike Only To Be Run Over By Lorry

Boy avoids motorbike but gets hit by lorrySWNS

Unbelievable footage captured the moment a pedestrian managed to leap out of the way of a speeding motorbike, only to be run over by a lorry. 

Some people just can’t catch a break, can they?

The video was captured in Devangere in Karnataka, southern India, and showed the boy waiting at the side of the road, looking to cross.

Check out the shocking accident here:

The cars were speeding quickly down the road, which didn’t appear to have any clearly defined lanes, making it difficult for the pedestrians to make their way across.

The entire scene seemed like an accident waiting to happen – and the fact CCTV was filming the road makes me believe I’m not the only one who expected some sort of disaster to take place.

Without a crosswalk or traffic lights to help them a group of three people, including the boy, hesitantly approached the traffic.

Boy avoids motorbike but gets hit by lorrySWNS

They successfully waited for one vehicle to pass, but suddenly a speeding bike came zooming towards them. It appeared to hit two of the pedestrians, but the boy jumped back and fell to the ground – right into the path of the lorry.

The huge vehicle struggled to come to a halt before making contact with the fallen pedestrian, though it eventually stopped with the boy still on the ground, underneath the lorry.

The lorry ran over the boy’s outstretched leg, no doubt causing some painful damage, although there’s no denying the accident could have been much worse.

Boy avoids motorbike but got hit by lorrySWNS

Onlookers ran to help the pedestrian, and he was admitted to hospital for treatment to his leg.

Speaking of the shocking incident, a local source said:

He cheated death twice.

The lorry, although it managed to brake, trampled his leg.

The boy was certainly very lucky; the incident could easily have been fatal.

Boy avoids motorbike, gets hit by lorrySWNS

It’s not clear what happened to the two other pedestrians who appeared to have been hit by the motorcycle, but hopefully they weren’t seriously injured.

I think the local authorities need to make some pedestrian-friendly improvements to their roads to help avoid any similar disasters!

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