Boy Grows Hair Out So He Can Make A Wig For Friend With Alopecia

ABC Action News

A generous young boy has been growing his hair out for two years so a wig can be made for his friend who suffers from alopecia. 

Ten-year-old Tyler Boon from Georgia in the U.S. wanted to help his friend Gabby Ruiz, 12, who’s suffered from the hair loss disorder since she was four.

To help Gabby Tyler stopped cutting his brown hair until it’d reached 12 inches long and was suitable to be made into a wig.

ABC Action News

Speaking to ABC Action News he explained he just wanted to make his friends happy and how he learned to ignore people confusing him for a girl thanks to his long locks.

The two friends have known each other since they were both toddlers and despite living literally hundreds of miles apart they’ve managed to maintain their friendship.

Both Gabby and Tyler posed for photos when they reunited reunited at a JCPenney’s store at a Mall in Florida on Thursday.

ABC Action News

Kind-hearted Tyler even gave Gabby the honour of chopping off his ponytail as he received his first haircut in 24 months.

Tyler’s new hair cut took less than an hour to do and after two years rocking long hair he opted for a slick new buzz-cut, something he described as feeling ‘different’.

ABC Action News

His shorn locks will now be donated to the nonprofit, Children with Hair Loss, and will be used to make a wig just for Gabby.

Gabby’s made up at Tyler’s generosity saying: ‘He’s a great person. He’s amazing’.

It melts your heart doesn’t it!