Boy Kicked Off School Bus Was Being Bullied By Older Students

by : Lucy Connolly on : 28 Jan 2019 16:47
Boy Bullied On School Bus Boy Bullied On School Bus Awesome Random Videos/YouTube

A video of a boy getting kicked off his school bus, only to be attacked by bullies once he’s outside, has gone viral.


The video shows the boy begging and pleading with the bus driver to let him stay on the bus in order to avoid the older boys waiting for him at the bus stop.

However, the driver refuses. Instead, he yells at the teenager to get off the bus as the terrified boy continues to sob and beg to stay put.

As reported by the Daily Mail, News On 6 (GDPR blocked) reports that the incident occurred at the Four Corners Church of God bus stop last week and involved a bus carrying children from Locust Grove Public Schools in Oklahoma.


As the boy begs to be allowed to stay on the bus, another person films while someone else can be heard threatening the boy and saying, ‘you’d better get off before I drag you off’.

Clearly distressed, the boy continues to sob and says, while struggling to catch his breath:

You’re gonna kill or try to punch me.

You can watch the video here:

The unknown boy then shrinks down into his seat as he asks the driver to drop him off at his house so he can avoid the bullies.

But it appears the boy’s sobs and cries for help were for nothing, as the bus driver simply yells at him to get off the bus.

The driver can be heard screaming:


Hey! Get out of here. Go!

Boy Bullied On School BusBoy Bullied On School BusAwesome Random Videos/YouTube

At this point, the boy sobs harder as other children on the bus tell him to run. He can be heard asking those around him, ‘will he hurt me,’ as he begs to stay on the bus.

Eventually though, the boy is forced off the bus and is pounced upon by an older boy as soon as he stands on the pavement.

The video shows the boy attempting to run away from the bully to no avail, as he immediately gets thrown to the ground and gets punched from the unknown boy.

Boy Bullied On School BusBoy Bullied On School BusAwesome Random Videos/YouTube

Police officers were alerted to the incident on Thursday (January 24), and have since launched an investigation to find those involved.

Major Rod Howell of the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office told KFSM (GDPR blocked), as reported by the Daily Mail:

The video is alarming itself and obviously, it’s enough to start an investigation.

The official added that investigators are also looking into additional mobile phone footage, along with two cameras that were on the bus.


Howell explained:

Not just visual but audio. That could possibly give us something of evidentiary value but it’s too early to tell.

And it isn’t just the police who have launched an investigation; the school released a statement the day the footage went viral to say they were looking into the incident.

In the statement, the school mentioned that the incident had been ‘turned over to law enforcement’ who will conduct a ‘complete investigation’.

The Facebook post stated:

Locust Grove Public Schools had an incident take place January 17th on one of our school buses involving two students. The incident was turned over to law enforcement and the Mayes County Sheriff’s Office is conducting a complete investigation. The students’ and bus driver’s actions have been addressed internally.

Hopefully those involved will be punished accordingly and the young boy will soon feel safe again to go back to school.

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