Boy Pens Hilariously Passive-Aggressive Note To Mum

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Nothing beats a good passive-aggressive note when a housemate has pissed you off.

Only last week I was welcomed home by a post-it note, perfectly balanced on an unwashed pan in front of my bedroom door, which read ‘hope you had a good day’.

And one little boy with a similarly big problem put pen to paper when his mum got on his wrong side.

We’re not quite sure what she did to deserve such anger, but it must have been pretty personal to deserve this.

So cutting yet so calm…

Owen noteReddit leability

If you can’t make out the writing, the note says:


Don’t come read with me.

I am mad at you.

And I will tuck my own self in.



The users of Reddit found the note hilarious and were impressed by his excellent grammar.

We hope his mum learned her lesson otherwise her bedtimes are looking to be pretty lonely.