Boy Writes Letter Offering Friendship To Bully Who Spat On Him

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When this kid was bullied at school he decided to fight back, but not with violence.

Nicolas Neesley, 8, from Quincy, Michigan, saw a friend being pushed around the playground at Jennings Elementary School by a fifth-grader. He tried to stop the bully and was spat on, his mother, Shamayne Neesley, told ABC News.

But rather then react with anger or violence the third-grader penned a letter to the school giving an alternative to bullying, Huffington Post reports.

The anit-bullying letter, written by Nicolas Neesley. Courtesy photoJENNIFER COE HARRIS

Nicolas’s note was read over the school’s loudspeaker. It opens with:

You don’t have to bully. If you don’t have any friends, just make a friend, it’s very simple. But you already have a friend, us.

According to ABC News Nicolas was confused as to why the bully wouldn’t want to be friends with him. He wrote the note on an anti-bullying day at his school, and told the Daily Reporter he wanted to send a message of compassion to the older boy, adding: “I wanted to touch his heart”.

Nicolas went on to tell the Reporter:

I think we need to put a stop to bullying, because it happens to like five kids every week. Every time I see someone get bullied, I break it up.

Shamayne NeesleyShamayne Neesley

What a top kid!