Boyfriend’s Awful Comments About Woman’s Legs Transform Her Life


A woman’s confidence was left utterly destroyed after her boyfriend at the time made a brutal comment about her legs, which led to her refusing to wear shorts or skirts.

23-year-old Scarlett Skinner was on a night out with him when he told her people were mocking her behind her back.

He told her she should avoid wearing ‘anything short’ due to the cellulite on the back of her legs.

Scarlett soon ditched him but the comment had already damaged her self-confidence, leading her to only wear trousers for the next four years.

Speaking to The Mirror, the music graduate from Surrey explained:

He told me that it was for my own benefit because people had been laughing at me behind my back in a club.

Anyone who tells someone that they should be ashamed of their body is just disgusting, but it was someone close to me, so I followed what he’d said for years.

She said during the toxic relationship her lifestyle was becoming increasingly unhealthy. She weighed 10 stone due to a bad diet and lack of exercise.

Scarlet was consuming ‘fry-ups for breakfast all the time’ as well as indulging in a litany of ‘junk-food, crisps, sweets and chocolate’. At this point, her confidence had hit ‘rock bottom’. Scarlett began to shut herself off and ‘completely changed the way’ she dressed.

She said:

I started to notice that every single outfit I wore was long sleeved and high-necked – it was loose, long trousers and a big jacket as well.

I never felt sexy or attractive. I remember always feeling my fat roll over my trousers in my jeans and just never being able to be comfortable when eating a meal.

While she eventually found a new boyfriend who was perfectly fine with the way she looked and who made her happy, she was still concerned about the ‘unhealthy relationship’ she had with food.

Scarlett explained:

I knew I was gaining weight at the start of my new relationship – it was just that comfort of sitting at home with your favourite person watching movies and eating all your favourite snacks.

The whole time though, I just had no confidence in the way I looked.

I would get physically sick about twice a week because I’d over indulged and never ever had a settled stomach.

My housemate asked me to run with him one day and I couldn’t even make it to the end of the road – I was so unfit.

#transformationtuesday ??- This first photo was taken in February 2017, when I'd hit an all time low.. 10st 1lb barely fitting into my Size 10 jeans, but more importantly, eating the most damaging foods there are out there. I'm not suggesting that a Size 10 or a 10 Stone weigh-in is by any means unhealthy but in my case, my diet was HORRENDOUS, therefore it was. Being only 5ft3 also, I was placed very close to being overweight for my size. I was struggling with 3rd year uni work and my mental health hit rock bottom. All of these factors pushed me to make some changes, I dropped sweets for fruit, chips for salad, alcohol for water, and heavy carbs for veg. ???? I started going to the gym 3/4 times a week and followed the @ldn_muscle bikini guide. (Weights, weights weights!) Fast forwarding 5 months, the second photo was taken last week… I'm a healthy Size 8 and I'm weighing in consistently at 8 Stone 6/7lb. The smallest Ive ever been. However; I don't restrict my diet to the extreme, I allow myself to have all the carbs, proteins and fats that I need but no more and no less than exactly that and everything in moderation. I eat pizza on occasion too ? I know what foods are good for me and I know which aren't, so I try as hard as I can to stick to that, pushing myself at the gym every session too. Living a healthy lifestyle is so important, no matter what size you are but so is being happy… Ultimately a healthy lifestyle has made me so much happier ??☺️Do what you want, eat how you want, but if you can genuinely sit down and say that your lifestyle is damaging then why not try change a few little things? That's all I did and I now feel a million dollaaaaaaaaazzzzzz ?Be good to urself init !!! Thanks @ldn_muscle for pushing me to be the best version of myself. #diet #fitness #gym #health #weightlossjourney #weightloss #ldnmuscle #ldnmladies #muscle #motivation #protein

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The decision to change her lifestyle came after she saw a few photos of herself wearing new underwear. She claims she ‘couldn’t believe what I was seeing’ and it made her feel ‘absolutely sick’.

She joined up with LDN’s Muscle Bikini Bible’s 12-week training and diet regime which began to change her life for the better. Thanks to their programme Scarlett has had a major body transformation, but more importantly, she feels much happier and confident.

She added:

Something just clicked in my brain – I think it really just helped me to achieve the routine and structure that I was crying out for.

I was under mega stress in my third year at university, but the feeling after the gym and seeing my progress made me so much happier.

I’ll go to the gym roughly five times a week now and have made some simple lifestyle changes like walking instead of catching the bus.

If I’m pushed for time, it’s great to be able to just do a HIIT workout or bodyweight circuit at home instead.

Thinkin' I'm in the 'Mysterious Girl' vid circa 1996 ? •

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Glad to hear you’re much happier and healthier now Scarlett, I bet your ex regrets the nasty comment he left you with.

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