BREAKING: The World Is Going To End Next Year Apparently

by : UNILAD on : 05 Sep 2016 14:19

August 21, 2017. Mark it in your diaries folks, as this is the day that the Earth will definitely, definitely, definitely begin its painful and miserable end, apparently. 


Well, that’s what a group of pretty radical Christian folk think, claiming that on that very date – perhaps the darkest date in world history – a worldwide solar eclipse will plunge the Earth into darkness and the end of the world will begin.

According to The Suna total lunar eclipse will hit America on August 21 before a similar eclipse takes over mainland Europe – however, a hardcore Christian website, Unsealed, have used this eclipse to suggest it will be the beginning of the end of the world.


Apparently, the website is keen to link to some specific passages from The Book of Revelations which claim a woman who is clothed in the sun, with the moon at her feet, will be hunted by a Satanic seven-headed dragon looking to eat her unborn child.


The scripture claims that the child will be born and taken up to God where an army of angels defeat the dragon.


Unsealed also use the establishment of Israel as a state as proof for the end of the world.

Israel was founded back in 1947, when the UK announced their withdrawal from Palestine, and Biblical writings refer to the establishment of Israel when referring to the end of the world.

Next year will mark the 70th year birthday of Israel – a full Biblical generation.


The Christian group also point towards the 12th-century Rabbi, Judah Ben Samuel, who said the end times would come in 2017.

Unsealed predict that while the end of the world will begin next year, it will only officially end in Autumn 2024, so that’s a good seven years of pain, torture, torment and misery to look forward to before death finally seeps in and destroys us all.


Surely, one day an apocalyptic prediction will actually come true – but I can’t see this being the one.

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