Brendan Dassey Could Be Free In Weeks After Latest Court Appearance

Manitowoc County Sheriff's Office

Brendan Dassey is one step closer to freedom after his latest appearance in court to solidify his appeal against his conviction.

Brendan, one of the subjects of Netflix’s hugely successful Making A Murderer was imprisoned in 2007 for the murder of Teresa Halbach along with his uncle Steven Avery.

Both Dassey and Avery were convicted for the 2005 murder, though the documentary raises questions about the integrity of the police investigation and legal proceedings against both Dassey and Avery.

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The progress in Dassey’s case comes after both the appellants and appellees gave 30-minute arguments of their cases.

This hearing is being held after the State appealed a decision made by a three-judge panel decision to overturn Dassey’s conviction.


After the panel’s decision, the Wisconsin State Attorney General’s Office petitioned a full eight-judge hearing, something which is incredibly rare.

The decision to overturn Dassey’s conviction came last year but had since been appealed multiple times by the State.

The appeals of Steven Avery have been rather less successful and he remains in prison, despite numerous attempts by his current legal team.

brendan dasseyPA

The outcome of Brendan’s case may well affect the legal proceedings around Steven Avery’s conviction, as much of his prosecution was based on the testimony of Brendan Dassey, so the case for the prosecution against Avery may well fall apart without it.

We will no doubt learn more during Season Two of Making A Murderer.