Bride Fulfils Dream Of Having First Dinner With New Husband At McDonald’s

by : Emily Brown on : 07 Aug 2019 11:59
Bride and groom have first meal as married couple in McDonald'sCaters

Some couples require numerous courses, lavish set menus and exquisite silverware for their post-wedding meal but one bride had a much simpler dream – a classic double burger from Maccies. 

23-year-old Angel Korotnayi was obviously more than delighted to tie the knot with her partner Michael Korotnayi but the emergency medical technician admitted McDonald’s was her first love.


The couple couldn’t get to the restaurant quick enough as Angel said she’d ‘always dreamed’ of having McDonald’s in her wedding dress, so soon after they tied the knot they headed off towards the golden sunset arches to have their first meal as newlyweds.


The pair approached the counter in their fancy attire and ordered their ‘usual’ – two McDoubles, two small fries and two sweet teas. Rather than shoving the wedding cake into each other’s faces their wedding photographer snapped pictures of the happy couple feeding burgers to one another.

Speaking about her special day, Angel, from Toledo, Ohio, said:


McDonald’s has always been my first love and my husband knew that from day one.

Most brides dream of having a fancy dinner on their wedding day but I’ve always dreamed of having McDonald’s in my wedding dress so it was a must.

I asked my husband if we could go and get McDonald’s and take fun pictures and of course, he obliged. Our photographer was also on board and she was very excited to take pictures at McDonald’s.

Bride and groom have first meal in McDonald'sCaters

Though one of McDonald’s latest TV adverts does show numerous well-dressed wedding attendees stopping by the restaurant for a quick snack, it’s not usually something you see in real life.

The bride admitted she got a few funny looks from other customers but said overall the reception was positive.


She said:

Customers stared at us at first, then they stopped us, said congratulations and that we looked great. When we walked in the door the employees went crazy.

They were loving every second of us and one employee even asked us if they could put us on their Snapchat story.

Bride and groom have first meal as married couple in McDonald'sCaters

Angel continued:


It was like a dream come true, I not only got the man of my dreams, but the dress of my dreams and I got to share my first meal with my husband at McDonald’s.

It was hands down the best day of my life.

It’s not clear whether Angel and Michael actually fed the guests at their wedding but hopefully they got a few boxes of chicken nuggets to take back to their friends and family.


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