Bride Shocks Groom By Wearing An Inflatable T-Rex Costume To Own Wedding

by : Lucy Connolly on : 17 Sep 2019 10:41
Bride Shocks Groom By Wearing An Inflatable T-Rex Costume To Own WeddingSoulcrateSucka/Reddit

I’ve never been married but I can only imagine the pure stress that comes hand in hand with choosing a wedding dress.

I know it’s supposed to be this magical experience, going from shop to shop with your nearest and dearest until eventually you see a dress and just know that it’s the one for you, but really.


Having to choose a dress which makes you look flawless is not an easy task – everyone knows we’re our own worst critics – so it’s easy to see how quickly wedding dress shopping can descend into panic and chaos.

T-Rex bridezillaSoulcrateSucka/Reddit

So it’s no surprise one bride decided to forgo all that with her wedding recently, instead deciding to rock up in an inflatable T-rex costume to give her new husband the shock of his life.

In a post shared to Reddit, the bride’s sister wrote: ‘My sister was a real ‘bridezilla’ this weekend,’ alongside three separate pictures which showed the groom’s reaction to seeing the love of his life transformed into a dinosaur.


In the first picture, the T-rex – complete with a white sash and a bouquet of flowers – makes her entrance, walking towards the groom as he stands waiting patiently with his back towards her.

In the second, the bride has reached her husband-to-be, who has turned around just in time to see an inflatable T-rex staring straight at him. Although we can’t yet see his face, it can be assumed his initial thoughts were: ‘What the bloody hell is going on?!’ and ‘AHH!’.

T-Rex bridezillaSoulcrateSucka/Reddit

At least, that would be my reaction. This man’s reaction is altogether more hilarious though, as the third picture shows him looking straight into the T-rex’s gaping mouth (where his bride’s face is) with the most unimpressed look I think I’ve ever seen.


The expression on the T-rex’s face makes the picture that bit more special; as the groom looks on in despair, with a look which says ‘what the bloody hell have I gotten myself into?’, the inflatable dinosaur looks like it’s having the time of its life.

Just look at it:

T-Rex bride costumeSoulcrateSucka/Reddit

Incredible. And it seems the T-rex costume isn’t limited to just brides, because one woman rocked up in one to her own sister’s wedding, as the actual maid of honour.


Walking down the aisle arm in arm with a groomsman, the woman – 38-year-old Christina Meador – took centre stage when all the guests realised what she was wearing.

Luckily her sister, 40-year-old Deanna Adams, found the entire thing hilarious and had actually told Christina she could wear whatever she wanted for her big day.

You can watch the moment she walks down the aisle here:



Well, I think the moral of the story here folks is just to wear whatever the hell you like to any future weddings you might attend – regardless of whether it’s your own or not.

A spooky ghost to get in the Halloween spirit? Sure, why not. A giant olive as a throwback to Georgia in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging? Definitely. Hell, you could even go as Mr Blobby.

Just maybe check with the bride and/or groom first to see that they’re okay with it.

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    My sister was a real "bridezilla" this weekend.